Aldi insists on giving free food on Christmas eve

The company announced online issuing a plea to help those in need on December 24th by handing out free food.

The Aldi company said they wanted to help “less fortunate individuals.”

They also want to share their food with other food banks to extend their charity across all food banks in the UK.

Aldi supermarket are” further offering local organisations the opportunity to receive surplus food from their stores on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.”

All Aldi stores will close by 4 pm till December 27th to improve the supply.

Many people have taken it to twitter to praise the company for their kind gesture. Many employees lost their jobs before an important month. The Public believed that their Christmas holiday was ruined. However Aldi helped the financially challenged by offering fresh food for them to at least enjoy a good meal on the day.

Paul Skillington added: “fair play to aldi for this one. Pity a few more household supermarkets don’t follow suit. It ought to carry on throughout the year.”

However Tesco has handed out food to charities and community groups from the beginning of 2018.

Trussel Trust fear that the estimate of 20 to 30 crates from each store would not be enough stock for people. The charity said 186,185 three-day emergency food parcels were provided last year and has risen to 44% this year.

Overall the less fortunate public are happy and glad they are being prioritized.


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