Conservatives earn majority in election victory.

The conservatives won a decisive overall majority in last nights general election, the third since 2015, meaning that Boris Johnson remains as Prime Minister. They won 365 seats of the 650, a majority of 80 seats whilst nearest rivals Labour managed to win just 203 seats.

The exit polls showed that the Tories would have a slightly bigger majority than they actually ended up with, but it was nonetheless a poor night for Labour. Culminating in Jeremy Corbyn saying that he would “not lead Labour at the next general election”.

It was also a good night for the SNP and their leader, Nicola Sturgeon. They took 48 seats last night, up from the 35 in the 2017 general election and successfully strengthened their hold in Scotland. Even managing to secure seats that they wouldn’t normally get

It was an incredibly poor night for the Liberal Democrats, only managing to win 11 seats, way down on their own estimation. Their election was summed up when Party Leader, Jo Swinson lost her Dunbartonshire East seat. She then resigned, after less than 6 months at the helm of the party.

This could mean a big shake-up for British politics with it being increasingly clear that Labour have failed ‘the many’ that they have based themselves on helping time again. They based their manifesto on transformative change, but lost 59 seats in their worst election results in half a century.

Labour lost seats on a spectacular level, as the Tories ended up as runaway winners.

PM Boris Johnson has returned to Downing Street, after meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace to ask to form a new government. He made a statement outside 10 Downing Street in the afternoon, thanking his voters.


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