General Election 2019: The Green Party

After the Conservative Party won yesterday’s election with a large majority, smaller parties such as the Green Party.

The Green Party have one seat in Parliament and they gained 864,743 votes yesterday, or 2.7%.

The Green Party only had one major win, which was regaining their seat in Brighton Pavilion. Caroline Lucas gained the seat by just under 20,000 votes, with 33,151 votes to Labour’s 13,211.

More locally, they came second in Dulwich, with Jonathan Bartley (who is also co-leader of the party) coming 51 votes ahead of the Tories.

In regards to the Conservative win, Mr Bartley had this to say:

A Conservative majority will have dire consequences for this country over the next four and a half years, so it’s a very disappointing night for anyone in a progressive party.

Despite an alliance between the Greens and the Liberal Democrats where the Lib Dems stepped aside, neither party made any real impact on the election, particularly in Lambeth where Labour took all 3 seats.

In a video posted on Twitter, Caroline Lucas still suggested there was hope after the result of the election, saying “these are dark times but the night is always darkest just before the dawn“.

She added that, “this may well have been a Brexit election but it was also the climate election and I am determined to make this the climate parliament“.

In an interview on Sky News, ex-speaker John Bercow praised Caroline Lucas, saying “[she] has been an absolutely outstanding and indefatigable Member of Parliament”.

So while the election may not have gone the way the Greens may have expected, there are solid signs of support which may help them in the future.