Lib Dems: Out of their depth

Lib Dems suffered a humiliating loss this election only having 11 seats while conservatives gained 364.

Lib Dems still remain as the fourth biggest party in the house of parliament, they had made statements regarding their stance on reversing the problem revolving brexit.

This backfired two weeks prior the polling.

Joe Swinson, designating her position as the Lib Dems leader due to loss in election vote.

The affect of the lib dems loss was the leader of that party deciding to quit her role.

many people and members were confident of her position in seating and she displayed confidence which was known and captivated by the public, around November stretching to December many articles would state that Swinson was bringing a drive of hope for the Lib Dems.

Published on the 22nd of November this year an article ”Joe Swinson has bought confidence to the Lib Dems” but on the other hand also mentioning her inflexibility will be her downfall which evidently now has been proven.

This statement came from the News European, other articles online from pages such as Herlad Scotland news mostly highlights the cons and errors of Swinsons confident stance even the telegraph would mention her being quote ”Joe Swinson went from a commons reject to a wanna be prime minister”

Many people may have felt confidently about her seating but a majority were in disbelief of her tactics and promises.

Swinson said her final statement to the press today regarding the election and how she feels before denouncing her seating leadership for Lib Dems

Below is video from The Guardian

As shown you can see the disappointment in the loss.

Poll results conservatives for The win, from BBC election twitter page.


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