Londoners reaction to the 2019 general election result.

The general election 2019 was held on Thursday 12th December 2019. Britain was due to go to the polls for the party that they wanted to lead, and as a result the Conservative Party won.

The capital voted for Labour and although they won in the city, it was a huge disappointment for Londoners who thought that they could win overall. Understandably London is not the whole UK and compare to other cities, London was the only city where the majority of people voted for Labour. Despite this defeat for London, the city remained quiet.

However London remain a pro Europe and anti Brexit city.  It is a big disappointment for Jeremy Corbyn who was hoping to make a change in London as many young Londoners voted for Labour. This election was a complete disaster for Labour and as a result, Jeremy Corbyn as decided he will not lead the party in the next general election.

election 2

Many Londoners are not satisfied with the result. Some want to leave the UK and return home because they are worried about what the economy of the country will be under the Conservative Party. They think Britain will get worse in many areas and the possibility that we wont have access to certain privilege that we had before. Young people thought that voting was going to make a change in the election, unfortunately for them it did not happen especially for the pro Labour.

The Labour Party was able to win in certain areas of the UK such as Putney, Dagenham, Rainham and Battersea. They failed to win from the key target such as Kensington and Chingford. This election has been a good win for the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson will get Brexit done as soon as possible that is his first priority and he will now be taking care of the UK for the next five year.






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