Tory win leaves majority of London voters worried

Boris confirms that the UK will be leaving the EU by January 31st 2020 after a landslide 80 seat majority.

The Conservatives snagging a win once more has caused a lot of heartache across the country; especially for the younger generation who for most, has been the first time they were ever able to vote.

The Conservatives won with a majority, with their wins in 326 constituencies. Spreading a cloud of worry upon those who are already struggling in life. Many worry that the resuming of a Tory run government, will cause utter destruction to an already crumbling economy.

Yesterday was marked in history as the turn out of young people turning up to vote was astonishing. Young people were given a voice and they didn’t and won’t hesitate to use it.

Students lined up in miserable weather to vote, in hopes of a better and brighter future.


We got some opinions from younger people and mothers, who are worried about the outcome of yesterdays votes.

The students at Lambeth college don’t sound very hopeful for the future, describing the results as ” A horrible choice” the students were very adamant that Boris would put an end to the NHS, and that leaves many unsettled, uneasy and worried.

All we can do is stand united and continue to fight for a better future, a greener and reliable future with a stronger economy for us and the generation to come.


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