UK Election 2019 vote causes history for Labour

Labour leader – Jeremy Corbyn  has announced he will stand down as leader in the forthcoming next general election. Mr Corbyn, whose Labour party candidates suffered a mammoth of been beaten by the Tories.

The results are now in from votes of the general election, whereas exits poll have concluded their intelligence, were confirmed correct; that the Tories will have the majority – the Conservatives have now taken the victory in winning 2019 Election. Many members of the Labour party were disheartened, due to the fact Conservatives have won there Election 2019.

Last night, after 10.00 pm the polling station closed, then on after the count began, for MP’s to hold their seat – The Labour party was the first party to hold their seat for the 2019 Election.

During the time before the Election Jeremy Corbyn, promised to travel to different country to campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn says; “I promised @UKLabour would run the biggest people powered campaign our country has ever seen. And you, our members and supporters, have done just that. You’re the heart of our party, and you have campaigned tirelessly to win so we can a build a fairer country. I thank you all.”

Labour Candidates Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, says; she feels “distraught” and “bitter disappointment” from last tonight’s results.

I have conducted a group of people for Lambeth college, to say what are their thoughts in regards to the general election

Munreeha says:

Rochelle says:

During the vote count Diane Abbot says:

“This is clearly a bad night for Labour, which requires careful analysis.

But it could be much worse than a bad night for all those who rely on our public services and the NHS.

Which means we still need a leadership that fights for the many, not the few.”

What are your reviews please comment below


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