Zero seats for The Brexit Party

Last night not a single seat has been taken in the election for the Brexit Party but the Leader insisted they have done a great job.

Although the results of the General Election have been devastating for his party, the Leader Nigel Farage announced “he is still pleased” as his purpose was -and still remains- to get Brexit done. With the Conservatives now in charge, it will then be live.
“If we get Brexit, given that it was in the weeds back in February, we set this thing up, we’ve put it back on track, if we get there we’ve done a good job.” Farage said.

After the results come out with a massive victory for the Conservative party, Nigel Farage claimed the victory for the Brexit Party.

“We’ve used our influence that’s the important thing. We are a new party, we’ve got no councilors, no base”
“Getting Brexit does not end all political arguments but what is does do, is it will – done properly – take us back to being an independent, self-governing, democratic nation ” he announced this morning.

The Shadow Chancellor admitted that the Labour Party lost their votes as the left-wing Leavers switched to the Brexit Party.
“Brexit dominated the whole debate. We couldn’t break through on other issues, so I think it was Brexit.” Mr. McDonnell said to SkyNews this morning.

As Brexit Party won no seats for this Election, Farage will now campaign for Donal Trump next year.
He said he will spend a couple of weeks as a warm-up speaker for Donald’s Trump campaign rallies.
On Thursday he was asked by BBC’s Andrew Neil if he would travel to travel to America to sustain Trump’s campaign and he initially denied.
He later on changed his mind “If I’m asked to help I may”.

Even though he admitted he would have liked to win a few seats, Farage’s loss at the General Election doesn’t mean he has politically failed.
To the contrary, he has emerged as one of the most influential politicians for the past 20 years as he made pressure on the government to hold a referendum and also forcing the two Britain’s main parties to to review their policies on the immigration and the European Union- all while he never hold a seat in the Britain’s Parliament.


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