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Plastic Pollution: ‘Hidden Chemicals’ in Seabirds

Small chemicals in Seabirds, via plastic pollution, have added even more threats in the wild. By 2050, It’s been estimated that 99% of Seabirds will have ingested plastic, according to current trends. This is because Seabirds will mistake the plastic for food, floating in the water. Many researchers have found chemicals in Seabirds ‘liver and fatty tissues,’ via plastic which

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Bafta Awards 2020 #Gogreen

The Organisers of the Sunday Night event in London wants the Ceremony to be totally ‘carbon neutral‘ – even though most of the celebrities will travel to the destination by plane. Pippa Harris, Bafta Chairman has encouraged the stars to ‘off’set their travel’ where possible. She also added: ” Like everyone, we are also concerned about the impact of the

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The owl was, according to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, was too “obese” to fly out the ditch in Saxmundham. The sanctuary concluded that “natural obesity” was the reason behind the weight gain of the owl. The reason is that in the place where the overindulgent owl was found was “crawling with field mice and voles” thanks to the mild December weather. 

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Jodie Whittaker: Doctor Who star announces come back

Doctor Who’s female Doctor, announces the fact that she’ll be back for season 13. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment weekly, Jodie Whittaker dropped a shock bomb about her future on being Doctor Who. In a statement given to them, she said: ‘I’m doing another season. That might be a massive exclusive that I’m not supposed to say, but it’s

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What a ‘Blessing’:Usain Bolt and his girlfriend are expecting

The world’s fastest runner and his other half, are expecting their first child together. Usain Bolt and his girlfriend, known as Kasi Bennett, are expecting a child. Ms. Bennett is a Jamaican model and managing director of Elevate Marketing House. The pair made their relationship official in 2016 but had been dating for years before this, as Mr. Bolt wanted

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