Ashley Young rejects an extension contract

The Manchester United defender rejected a one-year extension contract.

The 34-year-old defendant, Ashley Young, is said to have rejected a one-year extension contract due to ‘a lack of playing time.’

The Defendant: Ashley young pictured in 2018, at the FIFA World Cup training with England. Photo credit.

In January, Mr. Young wants to be able to join Inter Milan and has plans to sign up, in the summer, for the Serie A leaders as he’ll be free from his contract.  

He was left out of his football team for Tuesday’s match, which resulted in Manchester United to defeat by 3-1 in the Carabao Cup at Old Trafford stadium. 

Many fans took to Twitter to say how disappointed they’d been with Mr. Young being handed an extension.

One fan and user, from the social platform, tweeted a ‘Bidding war for Ashley Young in 2020.’

Another user had also tweeted how the football team is ‘Trying to keep a 34-year-old full back at the club and rejecting bids for your worst player,’ while many other users had used memes to describe their reaction.

Manchester United are still deciding whether they want the defendant to leave this month, as he’s viewed the most important member of Ole Gunnar Solskhaer’s team.

During this term, he’s made 18 appearances and has only kicked off 10 league games.

Before Mr. Young joined Manchester United in 2011, he’d been apart of Aston Villa from 2007.

He’d been affiliated with teams who won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, and the Premier League, as well as playing for the Old Trafford Club 261 times.


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