Australia’s wildfire is only the beginning

The past month Australia’s extreme fire has spread rapidly and has left scientists fearing further climate crisis.

They believe it’s the beginning of more climate issues that will continue into the years to come.

Scientists have said that wildfire will become 3 times more common by the end of this century due to its new outbreak.

Celebrities have been donating money to help aid the calamity. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance Environmental organisation began a fund and donated $3 million to Australia’s relief .

Matelica said they will donate $750, 000 to the firefighting agency in Australia. James Packer, $3.4 million , Kylie Jenner, $1 million , Elton John, $1 million and Chris Hemsworth and his family, donated $687,000. This is only a small share of the increasing list.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged help by sending in the military he reported “they are to stand ready to move and support immediately”. However Australian’s believe their Prime Minister is not doing minimizing the seriousness of climate change .

Climate protests were scheduled to march on the 10th January in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, targeting the Australian government. However the government has stated that the wildfire has no direct link to climate change.

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The wildfire spread across an area twice the size of the state Maryland. This has made Australia the hottest its ever been with a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit . “…what is going to happen to the biomass of plants on the continents in the future warmer world?” says Park Williams, assistant research professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. .

It is confirmed that Australia’s fire has destroyed more than 1,400 homes , burned 6 million hectares , torched 15.6 million acres and killed 24 people. Animals suffered severely. 480 million animals were found dead leaving a 3rd of their habitat destroyed.

Experts believe climate change has worsened over the years due to fires and believe it will cause more natural disasters; floods , eruptions , fires and droughts.

“Wildfires, particularly these kind of fires, are what is termed a ‘wicked’ problem,” says Claire Belcher, professor and chair in wild land fire at the University of Exeter.

The government of South Wales has donated $1bn to be spent on the wildfire for the next two years to combat the crisis.


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