Forfarshire will play in the 2020 European Cricket league.

The cricket team are honored to hold the Scottish flag at the 2020 league.

The Forfarshire team will play in the 2020 European cricket league after they were signed up by Cricket Scotland.

Micheal Leask and Craig Wallace will play for the team with new captain Scott Cameron.

The team are known to have won: the Scottish cricket grand final, the T20 competition, and the Eastern premiership.

Clarke McConnachie, who is the cricket club’s president, said that representing Scotland had been a ‘great honour’ in 2019.

From May 31st to June 7th, 2019, the ECL will be held at La Manga Club in Spain.

V.O.C Rotterdam are said to be the ‘reigning champions,’ while the teams competing in T10 action numbers will double this year to 16.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Belgium are returning to the ECL alongside additional teams.

These teams will be France, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Spain, and Italy.

The Chief executive of Cricket Scotland, Gus Mackay, said that ‘the European Cricket League has developed a great reputation and we are pleased to give our clubs the opportunity to showcase their skills and demonstrate the growth of Cricket in Scotland.


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