Labours election : who will be the next leader?

From the 7th January the next Labour Leadership race has officially kicked off and the final six candidate have been announced. Below the names.

Jeremy Corbyn, who’s still in charge of the Labour Party said that “he will not lead anymore” as the results of the General Election have been the worst defeat since 1935.

Image result for general election 2019 results
2019 General Election results

He also added that he will not abandon the Party before the next Leader will be nominated, which will be happening on 4th April

Barry Gardiner, the Shadow International Trade Secretary, has just made an announcement confirming that he is ‘considering’ to race for the Labour Leadership.
He is expected to make a decision in the next 24 hours – If he decides to compete he will be required to act quickly as he will need to get a minimum of 22 nominations by Monday to be able to get through the next stage.
Barry confessed that he will stand in case he will secure the 22 nominations necessary.

We’ve achieved a number of six candidates so far – four women from which three favorites have already secured their nominations and two men.
Looking back at the Labour’s history they have never had a female leader before but today’s life can have a different result.


-Emily Thornberry, 59

Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury. Shadow 1st Sec. Shadow Foreign & Commonwealth Sec. In a tweet she described herself “ready to beat Boris Johnson at the despatch box”.
Emily was the first to declare publicly her candidation as a leader for the Party.

Clive Lewis, 48,

Labour MP for Norwich South. Shadow Treasury Minister for Sustainable Economics. He said that his position as a “mixed-heritage black man” suits him to combat the racism

Jess Phillips, 38,

Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, secured her nominations reaching a total number of 22. She has been backed from former Labour ministers
Margaret Hodge and Chris Bryant .

Lisa Nandy, 40

Labour MP for Wigan, she worked in a charitable sector before joining the politics world in 2010. Lisa also reached 22 nominations after which she said “she was proud” to have gained support from MPs “representing different parts of the country and different traditions in our movement”

Keir Starmer, 57

Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras. Shadow Secretary of State for Brexit. Former Director of Public Prosecutions (2008-13). Backed by UNISON to be the next leader. Dave Prentis, the General secretary of UNISON announced ” This is a pivotal time for Labour. We believe – if elected by the membership – Keir Starmer would be a leader to bring the party together and win back the trust of the thousands of voters who deserted Labour last month.” Securing a number of 63 nominations so far.

Rebecca Long Bailey, 40

Labour Party MP for Salford & Eccles . She has got 26 nominations so far. She is regarded as Corbyn’s preferred candidate but also been accused of ‘continuing’ his movement.

– 7-13 January period in which MPs and MEPs will be nominated
– 14-16 January period in which supporter can apply to register
– 15 January – 14 February second period for nominations of Constituency Labour Parties (CLP) and affiliates
– 20 January – deadline for new members and unions for voting
– 21 February Ballot opens
– 2 April Ballot closes
– 4 April announcement of the results


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