Donald Trump impeachment trial to begin next week.

US President Donald Trump impeachment trial will begin next Tuesday January 21st after articles of impeachment were formally delivered to the Senate.

The President was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress for pressuring Ukraine to help him politically. He could be booted out of the White House as a result.

The House of Representatives voted to submit the articles against the President to the Senate. The votes were 228 to 193 against him. This makes Donald Trump the third president in the US to face an impeachment trial.

Mr Trump claims the article is a ‘hoax’ and he’s a victim of a ‘witch hunt’ led by Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

Mitch McConnell Republican Senate leader said: “the impeachment articles would be formally read to the chamber at noon – 5 pm in the UK” in an announcement following their delivery last night.

Journalism students at Lambeth College asked in a lecture, should the US President be impeached? Reply in our poll.

Should US President Donald Trump be impeached?



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