The number of pubs and bars across the UK have risen in the first time in over a decade  according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

According to the ONS, this is the first increase seen since the financial crisis also saw a boost for smaller pubs.

The total number rose by 315, or 0.8%, last year to 39,130, driven by food sales.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) said it “cautiously welcomed” the news.

Journalism students at Lambeth Students were asked how many times they went to a Pub/ Bar per week. Leave us your answers via our poll:

How many times do you go to a Pub/Bar per week?
0-1 times
2-3 times
4-5 times
6-7 times

New data was presented and it shows that more pubs and bars employ more kitchen staff than bar staff:

In 2003, roughly four in 10 employees in the pub industry were bar workers, with about three working in the kitchen.

According to statistics, more of the British public are spending more of their income on eating out instead of going for a pint.

Meanwhile, overall consumption of alcohol has fallen by about 16% since 2004, according to the charity Alcohol Change UK.

Alongside all this, the number of jobs in the pub and bar industry across Britain has increased significantly.


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