Fiji urges to take climate action

Fiji has reported to be hit by its second cyclone in three weeks, leaving the Fijian government alarmed and urging the world to take climate change action.

The community and the government decided to announce the climate change act to combat the crisis. Sayed-Khaiyum Fijian politician and a Cabinet Minister, described the crisis as a “fight for our lives and our livelihood”.

Schools and businesses were closed down and meteorological service warned against strong winds up to 130km and heavy rains that will cause coastal floods.

The act’s plan is aimed to lessen the amount of plastic being used and to lower its emissions to net-zero by 2050.

Scientists say Sea level will increase by the end of the century along with warmer temperature. Temperatures have been rising since 1942 causing a massive affect on islanders and worsened Fiji’s susceptibility to viral disease outbreaks.

In 2011 a rise of diarrheal disease broke out in Fiji. The climate is further affecting the health of the Fijian economy as the years go on.

More than 80 communities may have to move due to future climate calamities. Vunidogoloa was one of the areas to get touched by climate destruction. People were forced to leave their homes in the area. It is now left in an abandoned state. 

153 residents of Vunidogoloa departed from their home because of climate wreck. It is now the representation of the affect of climate change.

The Fiji government have planed an organisation called the Green Growth plan which is an organisation aimed to sustain ther country and to elevate the issue of global warming by transitioning to renewable energy sources, plant more trees to increase oxygen and to limit rise in temperature by 2 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, Fiji government are working hard to combat moving villagers out of their homes and suffering the same fate as other climate stricken areas of the island.


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