Prince Andrew loses his armed guards

The 59 year-old Prince loses his armed guards, amid the Jeffery Epstein scandal.

Today, it’s been announced that Prince Andrew will no longer have any police protection around him.

This is due to his involvement with his long-time friend Jeffery Epstein, and his controversial scandal; leading him to quit his royal duties.

Prince Andrew is said to be the Queen’s second son.

According to senior sources, the home office want to disable the protection that the Duke of York had received in the past, due to his ‘retirement’ from public service.

In a statement, Scotland Yard say that ‘conclusions have been reached and recommendations made.’

It’s been noted that the finalization of the Duke being stripped of from his protection forces, is in the hands of PM Boris Johnson and the conservatives Home secretary, Priti Patel.

It’s said that the Cressida Dick, who is the Met Commissioner Dame, is having discussions with Priti Patel, also.

This is due to the imputation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wanting to ‘step back’ from their royal duties.

Recently, there’s been backlash about Ms. Markle and the Ex-Prince staying in Canada.

According to the standard the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, privately told the Queen that his government will protect Meghan, Harry and Archie if they were to live there.

Image result for harry and meghan
Loved up: The Royal couple pictured at a church ceremony on Christmas day in 2017. Photo credit.

According to a senior source, they say that ‘A review was ordered into the Met’s protection of HRH The Duke of York once it was announced he was stepping down from royal duties in November.’

They continued to say that ‘those in charge of royal security cannot write a blank cheque for anyone who does not have a public role for the forseeable future.’

‘The Met is obliged to review the position to ensure it is justified.’

Last week Amanda Thirsk, who’s the private secretary for the Duke, had ended her employment in the royal home and she reached a legal settlement.

She was under their employment for 15 years.

Although, it’s been noted that she will continue her royal job as the CEO of the Duke of York’s ‘Pitch@Palace initiative backing entrepreneur’s.’

Dazzling: Ms. Thirsk Pictured. Photo credit: PA wire/PA images

Is it safe for The Duke not to have any protection or guarding?

Not really. According to MSN news, they say that ‘members of the royal family could be seen as target by terror groups.’

As a schoolboy in 1971, Andrew was threatened by the Irish pressure group, the IRA, after they wanted to kidnap him alongside with his cousin

It’s been estimated that the cost for protecting the royal family, with our tax payers money, will be £100 million each year.

Although people who pay their money on taxes, spend more than £250,000 on travel expenses for Andrew’s security teams,’ when he promoted ‘Pitch@Palace.’

A spokesman from the Home office, say that they ‘do not comment on individual security arrangements.’


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