Labour Leadership: all the latest news

Following up the latest news, only four candidates are left racing to succeed Jeremy Corbin’s position as Jess Phillips quitted.

The Unite Union are meeting today and will announce at 18.00 who to back as the next Leader and also who will be the next deputy leader of the Labour Party.

As requested, candidates need support from at least two unions and one affiliate in case they can not secure a backing of 5% from the local parties – to be able to pass the final ballot.

The Birmingham Yardley MP made the announcement on a video message posted on the 21st January on her Twitter profile that if she had to be honest the role she would cover – ‘would not be her‘ but would not let the country down as ‘ I promise that your voices will still be heard.‘ she said
The decision caused different reactions by her supporters

Sir Keir Starmer is still the frontrunner followed by Rebecca Long- Bailey, while Lisa Nandy has been labelled as the ‘dark horse’ in the candidation.
Ms. Long Bailey has been supported by many senior party figures as they wish to see a woman leader running the next Labour Party.

Latest news of the four remained candidates for the Labour leadership contest
Sir Keir Starmer -the current front runner between the candidates has cancelled planned campaigning for the Labour leadership today and tomorrow .
“Following an accident, Keir Starmer’s mother-in-law is critically ill and has been admitted to hospital in intensive care.”
The statement was left by Keir’s campaigning team.

Ms Thornberry has not been secured by any affiliate group yet and lately has only secured two out of the required 33 CLPs which would help her onto the ballot.
During an Interview with Andre Neil BBC – the shadow foreign secretary

said the “right way” to entice Labour voters back was to have “strong leadership” and to listen to people. Throughout the Interview she announced her priority as a Leader of the Labour Party will be Social Care.

Ms Lisa Nandy – secured her place on the final ballot, winning the endorsment of two unions and one affiliate group.
Nandy joined Keir Starmer last Wednesday after the Chinese Labour’s Organisation has confirmed their support for her.

Rebecca Long-Bailey – who is the current administration’s favored candidate has been criticized by a Tory MP – Bim Afolami who published a brutal statement : “I feel sorry for people on the left of the Labour party in so far as they deserve someone a lot better to try and invest in.
“This is somebody who as everybody knows… she’s trying to take on the mantle of Corbynism without the perceived good bits of Corbyn, taking all the bad.
“I think she’s going to sink very quickly.”


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