Bafta Awards 2020 #Gogreen

The Organisers of the Sunday Night event in London wants the Ceremony to be totally ‘carbon neutral‘ – even though most of the celebrities will travel to the destination by plane.

Pippa Harris, Bafta Chairman has encouraged the stars to ‘off’set their travel’ where possible. She also added: ” Like everyone, we are also concerned about the impact of the climate change and it just feels like we can no longer do nothing, which is unacceptable”

The Bafta film awards decided to go environment friendly this year, providing ‘goody bags’ made of recycled plastic material for the stars instead of gifting them with a lavish bag filled with expensive presents
and suggested them to follow a ‘suitable fashion choice’ appropriate to the circumstance. ” Sustainability is very important to Bafta, and we’re doing more than ever before,” a spokesperson says.

The goal is that the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 will be carbon neutral, working towards having a net positive impact on the environment. From travel and food, to branding and materials, Bafta is ensuring the awards are as sustainable as possible.”

Baftas intention to go as environment friendly as possible also can be seen on the purposely decision to create a recycled red carpet where on Sunday night Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt and Renee Zellweger are expected to walk on. Following the red carper entrance at the Awards, guests will be having a sustainably source food dinner including also a vegan starter and pudding.

All Bafta attendees will be or have been provided with a suitable fashion guide created by The London Fashion College. The guide suggests how to dress more mindfully for the ceremony.

“The LCF sustainable fashion guide is provided as one small part of our wider sustainability efforts where we are looking at every part of our awards to do more than ever before”. says a spokesperson.

The guide suggests either stars to rent clothes, buy vintage or as well as offering examples of designers who have sustainable credentials, including Stella McCartney, Phoebe English, Reformation and Rejina Pyo. And of course, encouraging guests to wear something they have already worn before.

Unfortunately Leonardo DiCaprio, who was invited to participate on Sunday night just informed he will not attend the Event – To communicate it is his team on Twitter.


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