Brexit day: UK leaves the EU at 23:00 GMT

As of today it was set that on 31st of January 2020 England will be leaving the EU at 23:00. The economy are concerned of what will happen next.

Boris Johnson has displayed optimism for the future the UK and the split between England and the other 27 nations. he is said to describe Brexit as ‘ not an end but a beginnin’.

Despite previous rejection of brexit deals by MP’s. Boris managed to bag a deal with MP’s and win.

Boris is scheduled to say; “This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act. It is a moment of real national renewal and change”.

People have gone to twitter and welcomed brexit despite their opinions on whether it will do good or not.

Many EU citizens expressed their feelings on twitter are saddened by their last day of being members o the EU and believe its a strip of identity.

For example a tweet said ‘feeling a little bit emosh tonight as its the last night for the UK as a member of the EU Identity is in your heart and not decreed by legislation, so i look forward to remaining a European after tomorrow.’

Julia Hartley-Brewer , breakfast show presenter and journalist says “ive never been prouder of my country” on brexit day.

The Brexit deal caused some controversy with Wales. Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford said Wales “remain a proudly European nation”.

He further said Brexit may have happened but we are yet to step out into that brave new world,โ€ he said. โ€œAnd while Brexit may be done in that narrow sense, the impact of Brexit, the form of Brexit is with us for years to come.”

Anti-Brexit campaigners expressed their feelings and urged that ties between the UK and the EU grow stronger as UK leaves the EU.

Various political figure heads like Liberal Democrat acting leader also promised to do all in their possible to best to maintain the possible closest relationship in order to avoid “hard Brexit hurting British people”

The day has finally come, no more extensions, no more delays, the UK has thrived and been part of a great project.

UK to leaves the EU at 23:00, in light of this event A new 50p coin will come into circulation to mark the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

In light of the ongoing renovations with Big Ben it would not chime at 23:00.


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