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In an exclusive interview with Lambeth Councillor, Mohammed Seedat, we discuss the events of the terror attack which occurred on the 2nd of February. Mohammed Seedat did not expect a terror attack to occur in Streatham as he thought that attacks like this will only happen in Central London areas. The attacker, also known as, Sudesh Amman, stabbed 2 people

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Over the past decades, since the 90’s, the mysterious artist known as Banksy has graced the public with his unique stencil work; which has now been taken globally. Despite a worldwide acclaim, the anonymous Banksy still remains unknown. Two of his pieces have been sold for twice their reserved prizes, with one stencil selling for just under £300,000 in 2007.

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Lambeth Councillor speaks to students after Streatham attack

Mohammed Seedat, Cabinet member for community safety at Lambeth Council, spoke out yesterday, 6th February at Lambeth College in regard of the communities response after the tragedy that took place last Sunday on Streatham High Road. Mohammed was surprised receiving a call from his work colleague who was enjoying a Sunday lunch with his family at the pub located just

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