In an exclusive interview with Lambeth Councillor, Mohammed Seedat, we discuss the events of the terror attack which occurred on the 2nd of February.

Mohammed Seedat did not expect a terror attack to occur in Streatham as he thought that attacks like this will only happen in Central London areas.

The attacker, also known as, Sudesh Amman, stabbed 2 people and almost stabbed a third along Streatham High Street.

Amman was shot dead by armed police officers before he could stab the third victim.

Mohammed Seedat, talks to us about how he reacted to the attack:

Exclusive interview with Mohammed Seedat at Lambeth College

Clearly Councillor Seedat was very shocked that Streatham would be victim to a Terrorist Attack. However, he responds with hope that this will never happen again in the Streatham Wells area.

How safe do you feel in London? In your area? Please take a second to answer our poll:


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