Unexpected Streatham terror attack

Sudesh Amman was shot dead by armed police for a terror attack in Streatham South london on Sunday.

He had shortly been released from his previous 3 year sentence for on 23rd of January. Security services reported to have known he would be a risk after his release.

“With 3,000 or so subjects of interest currently on our radar and many convicted terrorists soon due to be released from prison, we simply cannot watch all of them, all the time,” the Metropolitan Police’s assistant commissioner said.

A nursery school teacher Monika Luftner, 51 fell victim to the attack and was stabbed. She had been on her way home from meeting friends. However she was lucky enough to only have ‘none life threatening injuries’ reassured metro police.

A passer by of the attack named Giuseppe stated “When I see this, I said to myself – I need to help this girl.

“I’m looking around for this guy, but my mind it was just – I need to help this girl.

“Because if this was my mum, I’m a bad guy if I don’t help her.”

In an interview Mohammed Sadeet Cabinet leader for community safety, jobs & skill spoke about the next step of combating future attacks.

Mohammed Sadeet explaining the reality of ‘stopping’ future attacks

Before the attack had taken place Amman Sudesh was followed by police officers. Tweets have surfaced and questioned why he wasn’t stopped. However in their defense Dick said: “Surveillance officers are sometimes armed, sometimes not”.

Boris Johnson decided to take action and introduce a legislation preventing terrorist convicts from getting an early release. The justice secretary Rt Hon Robert Buckland said ‘yesterdays appalling incident makes the case plainly for immediate action. We will therefore introduce emergency legislation to ensure an end to terrorist offenders getting released automatically having served half of their sentence with no check or review’


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