Are Covid-19 symptoms suited to each person?

The outbreak of the respiratory disease covid-19 has claimed 6,650 cases in the UK. Prime minister Boris Johnson announced the lockdown , only allowing people to leave under strict circumstances.

The virus of 2019 rapidly made it’s way to the UK in January 2020 and cases further increased in March. The public were informed of the major signs of infection. These we’re related to fever like symptoms such as a heavy cough, weakness in the body , pain and nausea.

British association of Otorhinolaryngology have said the virus now includes loss of scent , taste , or the eye infection conjunctivitis are signs of infection. Those experiencing this are urged to self isolate.

The virus is spread in a similar way to flu or the common cold, inndroplets produced by coughs and sneezes. This leaves the next person to pick up the germs and carry it to someone else. People can contract it from surfaces where Coronavirus thrives given the right atmosphere and temperature.

A US woman experienced an unusual symptom affecting her ears. Julia bucaglia contracted the virus and after she had been tested positive she said “I proceeded with my day. At this point, I had begun to lose hearing in my left ear, figured it was congestion. Still I had NO cough”.

Dr David Buchholz confirmed that ‘there was a study in Iceland, which tested a large segment of its population, and 50% of the people who tested positive had no symptoms’.

A growing body of data from COVID-19 patients in several countries strongly suggests that “significant numbers” of those patients experienced anosmia as one of the symptoms according to the ENT UK statement.

A well known celebrity Idris Elba and his wife confessed to testing positive on Instagram. He further explained that he was experiencing no symptoms of the disease, but had his suspicions because he was exposed to someone who was covid-19 positive.


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