CoVid-19 Are we a confused nation?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have imposed a lock down on the UK for three weeks but suprisingly London Underground was jammed this morning with commuters.

Londoners are still trying to get to work this morning despite a 50% decrease in transport around the capital. Piers Morgan expressed his disappointment on people’s attitudes to quarantine rules. He says ” what is wrong with people? and if you’re enabling people to go out with their mates, then you are part of the problem”.

Boris Johnson ordered on Monday March 23rd in a televised broadcast to the nation to only leave your homes under a list of limited purposes, not to gather in groups of more than two people and all non essential shops to be remained closed. But despite his order London and the NHS was at a disadvantage.

Boris Johnson addresses the nation

It is advised that as a nation they should all be pulling together to stop the spread of CoVid-19 by staying at home, but there are others who believe they need to work to survive in this serious period.

Early this morning the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan reports “ignoringthese rules means more lives lost”.

Are we being fair to the key workers and the NHS? Are we considering our young people and the effects it will have on their lives?

One London Underground tube driver Richard Gray posted at 7:51 am this morning – “@SkyNews please ppl stay at home, I’m a tube driver, I go to work to move London’s key works so when I commute in and get this make me furious”

Another NHS worker issued a plea to our Prime Minister – ‘Help me!’: NHS worker issues plea to Boris Johnson as commuter train packed despite UK lock down ‘I love my job, but now I’m risking my health just on the journey in?!’


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