The UK is officially on lock down

The British government has officially declared a lock down due to the recent pandemic, which will have a drastic affect on all art and culture fans who want to visit Art exhibitions overseas.

The Co-founder of the arts organization ‘Marguritte London,’ Joanna Payne, said that they have to ‘cancel our (networking) events for the foreseeable, it was important to act quickly to provide an alternative space in which people of all genders could come together to support one another at this difficult time.’ 

Ms. Payne continued to say no matter how ‘unfortunate these circumstances have called such a forum, we’re over the moon to be able to offer service that is working for both employers and employees.’

In addition to this, many museums such as the Parisian museum in France, the Thyssen Bornemiza in Madrid, Smithsonian national gallery in Washington DC, and many more, have created virtual museum visits.

This will be/ and is a beneficial way for the people within the Arts and culture community to explore them spaciously, whether they want to analyse historic art or it’s symbolic rituals.

Also, the ‘TO Poet Laureate’ had to cancel their show in Toronto.

On March 18th, 2020, Rishi Sunak, who’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the fact that the government is opening ‘the coronavirus protection scheme.’

This scheme is for work employers, who will be given a grant if they’re working from home or if they’re jobless.

Mr. Sunak mentioned the fact that the grant will ‘cover 80% of workers income’ from ‘the 1st March’ which ‘will last for 3 months,’ but if the pandemic overlaps those 3 months, then the government will have to elongate the scheme.

He continued to say the same rules applied to business bosses who ‘will be given extra VAT from the government to pay their workers.’

Overseas in America, the RRF, have partnered up with the NYFA ‘to launch a new grant programme to assist professional artists in need of medical aid proving (a) one-time $5,000 Grant’s for unexpected medical emergencies.’

A spokeswoman for the RRF, said that the time their grant has ‘unfortunately coincided with the increased threat of Covid-19 to the global community.’

She also mentioned that the purpose of the grant is to ‘provide artists with some peace of mind during stressful times and help them get back to their creative lives as soon as possible.’ 


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