‘Challenge accepted’ is the new day-to-day list

A new trend is populating Instagram’s profiles – It’s ‘CHALLENGE ACCEPTED’ time.

As the world is facing a real hard time by #stayingathome during the Lockdown period imposed by The Government, now more than ever Technology and especially Social Medias are key points to keep people connected between each other throughout this disorienting time.

It all started back in 2016 to raise awareness and support to patients affected by cancer and to researchers.
But as the #challenge circulated on the Web quickly it then developed throughout the years and became a popular trend.

Scrolling down Instagram’s Stories all we see are varieties of Challenges taking place there – a new way to learn or test a skill that the Community has launched to stay connected from their houses with the rest of the world.
The Challenge Accepted hashtag has also combined with the #Stayathome to document what people are being up to stepping 24hours into the same perimeter.

Celebrities in the end are just like us and are entertaining their families while quarantining turning to TikTok challenges viral due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

TikTok is a new Social Media originated in China based on videos and music that allows users to share short videos with special effects. The Social Network App is most popular among children under 16.
Reports show that in 2018 TikTok has been considered one of the most downloaded App – reaching 45.8 million downloads.


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