Coronavirus: Has the UK Government Broken their Protection Promise?

They announced the protection scheme last Wednesday, which is said to benefit many bosses and employees at home, including ones within the Arts and Culture community.

A week after Rishi Sunak’s speech, a UK Arts organization known as Arts Council England, announced the fact that they’re launching an ’emergency package’ grant.

It’s for Artists, museums, galleries, theaters, libraries, and many more within the Arts and Culture sector who are out of business, working from home, or jobless due to these circumstances.

The grant was made, after the UK Government ordered many of these places to be shut, amid the rise of the deadly pandemic.

It’s worth £160m, which is £349,840bn less than the UK Governments ‘coronavirus protection scheme,’ which is £350bn.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn had confronted Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak about how they have ‘unfortunately offered nothing to the 20 million people living in rented homes, including 3 million households with children,’ who he met, during the PMQ.

The Government Protection Scheme is a grant which should be given to people who are either jobless or working from home.

Mr. Corbyn continued to say how they’re all ‘worried sick that they can’t pay their rent if they get ill, lose pay, or feel they need to self isolate.’

They shouldn’t ‘feel forced to go to work in order to avoid eviction when they know themselves they may be spreading this terrible disease.’

Mr. Johnson responded to Mr. Corbyn and said that he and his party ‘will be bringing forward the legislation (the Coronavirus protection scheme) to protect private renters from eviction, that’s one thing we will do.’

He continued to say the fact that they will ‘protect other actors (meaning people from all job industries) in the economy’ as well.


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