As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect people around the globe, celebrities are turning to social media to cheer up fans.

Also many celebrities are giving advice on how to prevent the spread of the ‘invisible killer’, coronavirus, from health advice to much needed light relief entertainment.

Danny DeVito, Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller have teamed up with the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo to urge Americans to “stay home and save lives”.

Andrew Cuomo Twitter page

Some other celebrities such as the world famous professional chef, Gordan Ramsay, has uploaded a clear step by step video on how to wash your hands thoroughly:

Additionally, the young actress on the hit CW show ‘Legacies’, Kaylee Bryant has teamed up with CARE ORG ‘to help deliver lifesaving hygiene kits to the world’s most vulnerable communities.’

‘Eastenders’ star Danny Dyer posted on his ‘Instagram’ story about how important it is to ‘stay inside and protect the NHS’.

Powerful and helpful messages from celebrities around the world, we all hope that these messages get to as many people as possible and please take them serious. Thank you


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