Where is the covid-19 cure?

World Health Organization declared a pandemic giving indications that there will be a vaccine in due time before any further infections.

With the uncertainty of wether people will catch the virus and survive with mild symptoms , or be in cryptical danger is what is striking an alarm for a vaccine to be found immediately.

According to WHO: 80% of people conflicted with the coronavrius recovered without medical treatment. However despite recoveries people are desperate for a vaccine and would rather not take the chance.

Animals have currently been tested and NIH scientists also began testing on an antiviral drug called remdesivir that had been previously made for Ebola and on a patient infected with SARS-CoV-2. The results tested on animals acame back reassuring after being infected with two covid-19 related diseases. One responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome and the other for causing Middle East respiratory syndrome.

The virus closest to the Coronavirus’s genetic makeup is Sars-CoV-2 which shares between 80% to 90%. Both contain a strip of ribonucleic acid inside a spherical protein capsule that is covered in spikes. The Spikes lock onto the receptors on the surface of the cells lining in the human lung , allowing the virus to break into the cell. As soon as it’s inside it steals the cells reproductive machinery to produce more copies to enable it to kill off the cell. This is the cause to the coughing symptom.

A recent strategy is what Novavax is currently using to combat the virus. This involves extracting the genetic code for the protein spike on the surface SARS-CoV-2 and passing it into the genome of a bacterium yeast , forcing these micro-organisms to churn out large amounts of the protein.

China has already began trials for vaccines testing patients from aged 18 – 60. China’s state media outlet global times said “ development of a vaccine is a battle that China cannot afford to lose”.

Science experts in China have found that people with blood type A could be more vulnerable to the disease, whereas people with blood type O are more resistant.


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