An ‘Emotional’ Clap for NHS workers

The UK wanted to thank all of the NHS and care workers for their help and support they’re offering to the UK’s community during this pandemic era.

People around the UK have opened their windows last night at 8pm for a group clapping-appreciation to all the NHS and care workers

-NHS workers message
-The Royal Family message
-Boris clapping
-Students from Lambeth College joined the clap

NHS responded to the clap by sharing a thankful post on Twitter as they felt emotional after the community’s clap and they expressed their thoughts viral.

“We are enormously thankful for the expertise and commitment of our scientists, medical practitioners and emergency services” Her Majesty the Queen said.

The Royal Family goes on Instagram and leaves a video message to all the NHS workers.

Prime minister Boris Johnson also joined the 8 o’clock clap from his office situated on Downing street and thanked all of the NHS colleagues.

Students from Lambeth College showed how thankful they all are to every member of the NHS group that supports and helps UK’s community every day.


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