A forsaken time or a time to restore

A viral outbreak has shaken the world as we know it leaving death rates rising all over the globe.

Corona virus or convid-19 (a more excepted vernacular) has turned the world completely upset down as it quickly spread from China,italy, UK and many other countries but especially within the UK for its citizens it has caused life changing dilemmas.

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What is Convid-19?

Convid-19 is a fresh strand of coronavirus which has never seen nor identified within a human before.

Originating from China,it hits the respiratory system and attacks the lungs,causing symptoms of short breaths, extreme breathing problems,fever like symptoms of having a frantic temperature, loss of taste and smell and feels of being fatigued.

it spreads through droplet particles meaning if a person is infected and so happen to sneeze, cough around you or touch anything that you may later touch and come to contact with it then will start to spread within the respiratory system of whoever it come into contact with.

Here is a video publicly on youtube that give s a detail and animated perspective of what kind of virus we are dealing with.

Theirs also controversy regarding the vaccines for this virus as people believe it would be more dangerous to take the vaccine than to naturally overcome the virus and take the chance.

none the less evidently shown this virus has taking a very serious turn into all of our lives.

due to the virus spreading so aggressively Boris Johnson had to initiate a country lockdown where everyone must stay indoors and only come outside for essentials as such.

Only important things to come out for during this time is food and maybe a jog for an hour to keep yourself healthy and active, even seeing a family member is prohibited.

This is not only affecting secondary school children, university students due to the having to go home and work out of safety and also even those who work particular jobs during this time have to hang the towel on their place of work for hew time until this stops.

so people working as bus drivers, train conductors, fast food resturant places have all shut down and whats lef topen is supermarkets for essentials,hospitals and careworkers.

these jobs which are still in process means those who stil lwillingly take these jobs or moreover need thes ejobs are at a high risk of obtaining the virus due to being around so much close contact.

Its a catch 22 in all perspectives of those within the UK.

We know the bad and ugly, so whats the good?

As well as the impact this virus has conflicted negatively onto people, it is also invoking natural causes of replenish for the earth positively like never before.

The times may have drastically changed to peoples mindset for the worse, but planet earth has other plans at hand.

As we worry and panic for whats next Earth has been going through elevating changes which we haven’t seen in the world for a long time.

Firstly what was noticed that has improved immensely is the quality of air we are breathing especially in China as pollution levels have dropped.

This information came to light in the place the virus had actually first began in China’s Hubei province none the less all over china the nitrogen dioxide emission levels have dropped since everyone has been on lock down.

Even schools,shops and factories as such being shutdown carbon emissions have also fallen which hasn’t happened since 2008.

The emissions have fallen by 25 percent in china and a statement made by the IEA (international energy agency) that this year their will be a lower demand in oil as well initially preserving the resource and lowering the conflict within obtaining this.

An article politico goes in even more depth with the positives surrounding the change in climate since quarantine mode had been put in place.

Nasa maps showing the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China between January and February
A visual representation of China’s pollution levels which have dropped

As you can see China has made large improvements within the countries nitrogen levels

Below is a visual representation of UK’s improvements

I had taken the time out to interview a business owner who owns and salon and had to close for the precautions of the epidemic, I then went on to interview and ask an elderly person how this is all affecting them.

Below is an audio of the interview


Many people like Ms Virg are taking the time of this pandemic to use and using the time for elevating elements to add to their character and well being.

Others are taking this virus shockingly and are waiting for when the next surge of information gathers due to the drastic change in our lives.

So the big question for everyone is where do you fit in all of this? are you joining the earth on its journey of replenishing or are you giving in to the idea of being scared of the unknown.

Some see this as the end of their world while others see a new beginning.


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