The effects Quarentine is having on young people and how to cope with it

We’re a little over a month into the lockdown and their are a few things that we have all had to get adjusted to during this time.

People all around the world are having to stay at home self isolating in order to keep the virus from getting any worse than it already is but whilst this has happened it has taken a tole on young people and is changing the way we now live.

Many people have been made redundant and some have taken temporary leave because they’re just too scared they may catch it from just merely being outside.

Studies from IFS have shown that the overall long term effect will be on young people.

From my own research i have also found that the UK Youth reports how the pandemic is already impacting young people and have set up various organisations distributing care packages for those in need.

Here are a few statistics on the respondents from the organisations:

“We are so worried for our young people. They are already a very marginalised and isolated group and now that has intensified greatly. Many exist in unhappy homes with little chance for
escape or support. With the whole nation now being told to stay at home these young people are left trapped with the people they are desperate to escape from and even less able to be who they
are.” -Mermaids charity

For people like myself i thought it wouldn’t be so hard on my mental health but after being at home and doing the same thing i think any others will agree with me when i say that once this is all over it will be so much better for us all mentally.

I spoke with a few people who’ve been able to share their experience and the effects so far

Q: What would you say are the effects Quarentine has had on you?

The only few jobs vacancies that are opened are from supermarkets because they need all the help they can get however with majority of jobs on hold for the time being this means young adults could also be out of jobs when everywhere opens back up again.

In times like these i like to have a routine of things i can do in this time just so i kind of have something to go by since i don’t have a college schedule at the moment just adding new things in to take your mind off like changing your room up or starting to work out.

For anyone that’s into fashion and aesthetically pleasing pages there are a few recommendations i can suggest that are quite relaxing the people who run them are always so uplifting and all about positivity it helps to subside all the terrible things that are going on.

Fashion twitter accounts:@ /dewycheek, @/CAPRICORNANGEL, @/softparision and @/hedislaurent are just a few of the many inspirations i look to when needed.

If there are things you would like to research on your own here are a few links;

Telephone: 0203 1373 810
Company Number: 05402004
UK Youth Registered Charity Number: 1110590


Telephone: 0845 521 0262


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