Alarming political situation in Congo

The Republic Democratic of Congo is a central African country who have been facing one of the toughest situation ever for many years to the point where civilain are now at war with the governemnt.

Congolese people never gotten the chance to be happy, to enjoy,to embarrass their country , with all their natural resources they should have been one the richest country ever but unfortunately that is not the case, they have always been dealing with conflict in some unbearable position , it all started with the previous president who served the country for over eighteen years succeeding his father there was little to no differences between the two of them and nothing had ever been good about Congo since then.

It all started in 1865 when King Leopol ii was leading the country and taking care of its natural resources and land ,the main role that he played in the leads of the country was just to take advantage of their vulnerability and the fact that they fear him , to him it was a good way for him to enrich himself and gain more power King Leopold II ruled over the Congo personally and had his own private army to exploit the villagers to gather the rubber resources to be able to obtain what he wanted he had to enslave them. they were working under impossible condition if the work was not done properly they would have horrible consequences such as death beating or mutilation.

The country have not been able to be stable since King Leopol ii then due to the war, the politic and ethnics crisis the first reason to the country instability is due to its huge natural resources that other country envy Congo is considered to be the most wealthiest country regarding natural resources but still remain one of the poorest country in the world.They have access to gold arable land coffee, cassava, forest wildlife minerals oil and cooper yet the war have been one of the reason why the country have not been able to benefit from its natural resources since they had to product new weapon and be able to have enough money for the war.

This situation have been ongoing for over 25 years , a rebel group been attacking the civilian they rape women and infant ,man get killed and beaten to intimidate Congolese people ,the government is aware of what is happening but is not making any change due to the economic part of it , they are violating their human rights the reason why the rebel are getting onto Congolese is because of their natural resources they want to take it and enrich themselves that is why they are putting fear onto them.

People are traumatized because of this situation that they are facing everyday many people are losing their family over it children are left oprhan wife widow they will not be able to forget about it being in a constant war with people who cannot defend themselves is really sad and hard to see when they cannot seek help,children infant are also part of it young children are force to go in the mine to work if they refuse they will get beaten or killed.

They mostly work in some really difficult condition more often those kid do not eat they dont have the chance to be able to eat everyday they also dont have enough rest and when they get paid its not even worth all the hard work they have put in, the rebel stop them from seeing their family they kidnap kids so that they can work for them.

Women are getting rape on a daily basis it has even become something normal to do to them many women are now suffering from mental illness but the rebel do not care about what state they are in they carry on raping and torturing them the genocide had an huge effect on the population and make them want to leave the country and go somewhere peaceful in order for them to be happy and start a new life they are not comfortable in their own country it will be hard for many people to forget about those atrocity if it was to stop one day.

The most saddest thing about this whole situation is that the government and most president from the first president to the current one are aware about it but are not willing to make any change yet because it will not benefit them anymore since they are selling their land and natural resources, it will also not allow them to be protected by other country many people in the world are not aware of the current situation happening in Congo where people are getting tortured for their land and natural resources where all the money that they have could have been use for the growth of the country economy but it is being use to provide weapon and tools for war when the government rather give away natural resources over the life of its people when will we see an end to this ?



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