Covid-19 : Trial vaccine on humans started

First two volunteer patients have been injected with a ‘trial vaccine to fight Covid-19’ at Oxford.

The researchers have combined by the Oxford University team and the Italian Pomezia team.

Elisa Granato, first patient to get the trial vaccine is a microbiologist.
She took part of the trial on her 32nd birthday, she described herself to be ‘excited’ to be able to support the Science researches and added
“Since I don’t study viruses, I felt a bit useless these days so I felt like this is a very easy way for me to support the cause”

Edward O´Neill the second volunteer, cancer researcher at Oxford University, taking part of the vaccine trial demonstrate a positive attitude to the trial injection by saying
“it seems the right thing to do and get it over faster”.

The first two volunteers to get the injections are both scientists and have been selected between a range of 800 adults aged from 18 – 55 years old, the professor Gilbert from the University said.

But the results will only get known in months and the possibility of building the desired immunity for the community is still uncertain,
It’s not really our role to dictate what will happen, we just have to try to get a vaccine that works and have enough of it and then it will be for others to decide.” professor Sarah Gilbert and Head of the trial vaccine at Oxford University said. She also announced a list of possible consequences after the injections:
-Not long lived immunity
-Yearly repetition of vaccine needed
-Immunity from vaccine stronger than having it
-Mutates less than flu

The trial has been structured to divide the 800 participants into five different groups that Gilbert’s team will be observing throughout a period of six-months including then a option for a “follow up” visit in a year time after the first injection received.
Another group will receive a second intramuscular dose just 4 weeks after the first immunization and as it has been communicated by Gilbert, the volunteers don´t know which one they will receive.

The Oxford University’s team had to speed up on a project that would normally take up to 1 year time in only 3months to be able to develop the vaccine trial injections that will be used from now on, they´re hoping to have a number as close as possible to a million doses of vaccine ready by September but it is still uncertain who will get the injection first as “we need to wait for the result of the vaccines tests that have been just taken”, Gilbert added.


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