Generation-Z: Are Uni Students at Risk?

Gap-Year Students starting their first year in September 2020, and A-level students in their 2nd year, education might be at risk due to Coronavirus… and may not be able to attend this year or re-take it.

A University Gap-Year student, known as Ruben Dawnay, wanted to spend it by working at his salt-beef sandwich business in Brixton market, to earn some money before he can attend university, get a degree, and have a job.

Mr. Dawnay pictured.

He said that he wants to ‘do something different’ before he attends to study an Economics course in September, at Manchester University, but has doubts about whether the University is teaching or taking students in, amid the pandemic.

In regards to students who want to begin their first year in September 2020, the University said: ‘We understand that prospective students and offer holders may have concerns about the on-going Coronavirus outbreak.’

They continued to say that they, as a University, ‘is following the advice from Universities UK, Public Health England, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.’

According to UCAS, they said that students who ‘feel your (their) calculated grades doesn’t reflect your (their) expected performance, you (they) will have the opportunity to appeal or may choose to sit your assignments at the earliest reasonable opportunity.’

‘If you do this, you should be aware that taking your assessment later may impact you progressing to university as planned.’

They also noted how ‘students may feel disappointed that they haven’t been able to complete their assessments.’

London South Bank University’s (LSBU) marketing and recruitment director, Steven Brabenec, answered 3 important questions that were given to him, in regards to Gap-Year and A-level students.

What effect will the pandemic have on university gap year students who want to attend this year, as well as A-level students in their 2nd year?

‘Whether someone has previously completed their A-levels or is a current A-level student impacted by Covid-19 and waiting to recieve their results, we are treating them the same.’

‘Existing A-level students won’t be treated any differently because of not being able to complete their A-levels the usual way. The same goes for BTEC students, their university application and awarded grade will be considered in the same way as we always do.’

‘This will be the approach we take for any applications that come via clearing, all applications will be treated equally and fairly.’

Knowing that students have been off universities for a few months now, he says that LSBU ‘are looking at what additional support we (they) can put in place to help give them the best start at LSBU in ways to help them warmed-up and ready to engage with learning again.’

Mr. Brabenec also mentioned that the university ‘will do everything it (they) can to support our (their) applicants and new students through this difficult time, both academically and regarding their health and well-being.’

Would they have to retake this year, or will they be able to even attend university this year at all?

‘The current Government guidance is that current students at schools and colleges will still receive a grade in-line with other years, it is just the way that the grade is determined which is different.’

‘Therefore, Covid-19 won’t impact their chances of progressing to higher education.’

Could this affect their future careers?

‘The government have committed to doing everything it can to help the UK get back to normal and minimizing any long-term impact of Covid-19 on the UK economy, and those of Europe and the rest of the world, will hopefully be thriving again and they will all be able to find rewarding jobs and careers.’

‘Academic achievement is only one aspect that employers look at, they consider a whole range of factors in considering what someone might be like as an employee, and potentially demonstrating how they have triumphed and dealt with the challenges of Covid-19 and not let it hold them back will be seen as a positive.’

For more guidance from LSBU, check out there information page on Covid 19.


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