Teens watch left field shows millennials did.

Why are certain shows timeless? Why is it that what the shows that the millennials indulged in are making a comeback, and the generation z can’t get enough of it?

it’s known that shows such as Friends, Buffy the vampire slayer and charmed are timeless. These shows were from a different decade yet it seems to be relatable to almost anyone.

TV Show ( Friends, Buffy the vampire slayer and Charmed.)

A majority of people from a widespread age range will be able to tell you exactly what these shows are called and what they’re about, by just looking at the picture above.

But why is that the generation Zs have grown attached to shows not of their time?

The answer is nostalgia. Many generation Zs recall their parents or family members watching these shows when they were younger and it brings them a sense of happiness, but that can’t be it; it’s not the quality of these shows are remarkable, they have a great mix of comedy, relatability and they’re always relevant in whatever time or decade we’re in. The things life throws at us are always very similar.

these shows are very much left field but it appeals to audiences whether left field or right field, therefore reaching out to a much larger audience allowing the shows to make a comeback.

A couple of years ago friends had became a huge thing once again, many clothing stores held friends merchandise, from Pjs to mugs and they still do at a high price. Quizzes on what kind of Friends character you were popped out everywhere.

It became so huge that when Netflix wanted to take it out of their site someone made a Change.org petition begging Netflix to keep streaming it on their site saying it was “ unfair, unacceptable, and downright inhumane.”

These shows are the kind of shows that audiences are able to watch over and over again without getting bored.

This just shows how much impact these left field shows have on the generation Z’s just as they had on the millennials who watched it before them.

A majority of the people who voted on thier faviourte show liked Buffy the vampire slayer the most.

Although these shows were made and aired in a diffrent decade, people of a large variety can enjoy them, seperatley or together because these shows are unerversal and will never stop relating to people even if thecharacters and the show arent neccesarily real, but we all know a Rachel, Sarah or Phobe like person in our lives.


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