Covid-19: The Music industry might change for good?

Many artists are having to perform virtual gigs, learn how to market themselves to their fans, as well as filming music videos from home.

The music industry is known for its large audiences, venues, as well as events, which are live experiences for many artists.

According to MusicBusinessWorldWide, they announced that the streaming of music videos ‘went down’ since Coronavirus has started on the charts, ‘but not on YouTube,’ as everyone is tuning into the app/website at home.

Many social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, and Twitter are allowing celebrities to hold virtual live performances for their fans.

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus will be performing her 2009 single ‘The Climb’ on Instagram and Facebook’s ‘Celebrate the Class of 2020’ live on May 15th at 2.00 pm EST (18:00 pm GBT), for seniors who couldn’t graduate amid the pandemic, alongside with Lil Nas X giving a speech, as well as Oprah and many others.

On this day Tommy Emmanuel, who is a well-known guitarist, will also be performing but with a music festival known as ‘Bandwidth’ who are holding a virtual live festival on Facebook at 7 pm AEST (9:00 am GMT), alongside with other acts such as The Black Sorrows, Karise Eden who won The Voice Australia 2012, and many more.

Although today at 4 pm ET (20:00 GBT), Foo Fighters rock member, Chris Shiflett, will be performing a melody on his guitar on Facebook’s ‘Martin Guitar Presents Jam in Place.’ 

In addition to this, festivals such as Glastonbury, which was going to mark 50 years when it starts, and Coachella in L.A, has been postponed until October 2021 amid the pandemic.

In a written exclusive interview with Global Reggae Superstar from Brooklyn in NYC known as Rayvon, who’s well known for his single with Shaggy ‘Angel’, he spoke about the effects Coronavirus has had on the music industry, on people mentally, as well as how he’s coping with it.

He says: ‘Quarantine, being on lockdown, dealing with all of this, watching the news, …all the sadness going on online, seeing all the ‘rest and peace,’ you know the ‘sleeping peace’ and all of these things can be a bit overwhelming.’

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tmp_15883349387992355443012677916305.jpg
Rayvon, who’s real name is Bruce Alexander Michael Brewster, pictured.

‘But you got to stay focus, keep your vibes up, stay prayed up, you know… and you know just ride this one out, you know gods speed because you got to put a lot of faith in god right now because a lot of things are going on behind the scenes that I don’t think we know.’

He continued to say that we and artists should ‘try to make good use of your time while your indoors, …you know, read up some stuff, do some research, learn something new, be creative, that how i’m coping with it while on lockdown.’

Rayvon kindly left a message at the end of the interview for anyone who needed a little light in their lives, saying, ‘bless up people’ and ‘stay safe.’


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