The Hidden Values of Tribal Art

It’s art, is known to have been a significant collectors item for many century’s, years, and decades.

At the top market, many item collectors love to buy traditional tribal art, as it tells a story and captivates them on the culture and story behind it as a work piece.

It also captivates them via it’s details also.

Although, it’s noted that some of them usually buy authentic tribal ornaments from car-boot sales, as they are marketed at a dirt cheap price range.

They’re usually sold for either 1p, 50p, £1, £10, or £50; depending on how big or small the object of it is.

In an written interview with Instagram model and dancer, Rhianna Collin Marsh, she says: ‘tribal art is special because it shows the history and culture of indegious people who were the first Americans.’

Rhianna|Dancer @princessrhirhiii profile on Instagram stories ...
Striking: Ms Collins Marsh pictured.

‘I have one piece of tribal art at home I purchased last year, and I think it’s important for every person to learn about this no matter their ethnicity because it highlights the first native people struggles and where they have come so far .’

Ms Collins’ piece of Tribal art she purchased last year pictured.

Ms Collins Marsh continues to say that ‘Tribal art has made a impact in the black community because they have both faced racial profiling and hardships.’

Sellers, who would sell these items to their customers, wouldn’t even know how valuable they really are.


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