Monthly Archives: March 2021

the affect of lockdown on writers

Lock-down has not only stifled some writers but has also made writers feel less of one. This world pandemic has probably been one of the most challenging time that anybody has ever experienced before. Especially writers are creative individuals who feed off of daily life such as the intricate details that they see outside : nature, people, distance for the

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So, as we all know there’s a pandemic going on, and through these difficult times, everyone copes in different ways. However, some people have turned to play games to give them comfort during this difficult period. These games are a variety, from being online multiplayer such as Call Of Duty: Warzone, a story related game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, or

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Has Covid led us to constantly buy clothes we don’t really need for comfort and reassurance… or for plans after lockdown?

Recently, there has been a huge rise in people shopping online for clothes during the second pandemic and it seems like it’s for comfort…or reassurance…- or possibly be for plans after lockdown. Since the beginning of the UK’s most difficult second lockdown it seems as though many teenagers, like myself, have been on an online shopping spree, as if we’re

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