Has Covid led us to constantly buy clothes we don’t really need for comfort and reassurance… or for plans after lockdown?

Recently, there has been a huge rise in people shopping online for clothes during the second pandemic and it seems like it’s for comfort…or reassurance…- or possibly be for plans after lockdown.

Since the beginning of the UK’s most difficult second lockdown it seems as though many teenagers, like myself, have been on an online shopping spree, as if we’re stocking up on Toilet tissue, you can’t blame us though…we just have a passion for fashion!!!

When clicking on an online clothing retail shop and we arrive on their homepages, what’s the first thing we notice you might ask?… Well, when looking on H&M and then Bershka’s Homepage, I’d noticed that H&M gives off a 70’s cool kids agenda which I adore, and then Bershka gives off an Abstract and Artistic agenda which I totally Cherish.

As a shopper, it seems as though both retail shops are showing us subtly what it is they’re selling to us via their seasonal clothes and what it has to offer which interests us as buyers, just like the ones I’ve mentioned.

lets take a deeper look into what i might have to say on this matter…

The Sassy but Nostalgic shopper

R E A N N A _ N W A G B O S O

Hi my name is Reanna, and i’m a 19 year old journalism student as well as aspiring musician, model and influencer from South London and ‘Lately, I’ve been stocking up on clothes from online shops such as: Prettylittlething, Aliexpress (without a doubt), Bershka, and Zara. I love doing online shopping on these websites at the moment, as well as many many more, as i feel as though they sale clothing which is abstract, experimental, and nostalgic all at the same time. Although, Here are the clothes and accessories I’ve bought so far from Aliexpress which i adore soo much from them’:


According to Marketbeat, its noted that the online retail fashion store Boohoo group plc (BOO.L) ‘Received a consensus rating of buy,’ and that ‘the company’s average rating score is 2.50, and is based on 9 buy ratings, 3 hold ratings, and 2 sell ratings.’

The Daily investment statistic website continued to say that their ‘consensus price targets of GBX 415.38, boohoo group plc (BOO.L) has forecasted upside of 13.3% from it’s current price of GBX 366.50,’ and ‘has been the subject of 5 research reports in the past 90 days, demonstrating strong analyst interest in stock.’

Graphed: A Picture of (BOO.L) (LON.BOO) Boohoo Group plc’s Consensus Target History Chart.

In addition to this in September 2020 (when shops were happily opened), Gov.UK blogs said that ‘The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a profound effect on the retail sectors with many stores forced to close at the height of lockdown,’ and ‘during that time consumers switched their spending to online.’

According to Rhys Dalgleish, during that time, they said that ‘Since many shops have now reopened, the shift back to in store purchasing has begun but a far higher proportion remains online than before the crisis.’

Last month, the clothing retail shop which everybody loves, Primark, had retweeted a tweet that a a customer of theirs had tweeted: ‘@Primark I saw there was an online shopping coming, what lies have i been fed,’ to which the retail clothing shop replied: ‘Hi Amiee, we can confirm that it is not in our plans to open an online store,’ despite them losing £1bn profit as a lot of shops haven’t been opened due to lockdown.

Confirmed: Picture of Primark’s conversation with their customer ‘Aimee.’

As of February 2021, UK shops and the UK as a whole have been in lockdown since December 21st 2020. Although, Boris had mentioned on February 14th (Valentines day) that lockdown restrictions will be lifted as shops will be open and is ‘insisting schools can reopen on March 8th’… and the Teachers’ Union say that they ‘Reject’ Boris’ plan on schools opening and say its nearly ‘impossible.’

Not long ago, even the UK’s 3rd funniest meme page on Instagram went from saying ‘I dunno who needs to hear this but stop buying clothes, you’re not going anywhere for now’ on January 20th 2021… to… ‘I tested positive for constantly buying clothes with nowhere to go to’ in February 8th 2021, and it seems as though they’ve changed their tune, but they’re not the only ones just yet.

Lets begin to take a look a little more deeper into the teenagers, who I’ve interviewed on the matter, and what it is they might have to say (and endure), when shopping on online stores during the UK’s most difficult Lockdown yet.

Starting with…

The Impulsive Fashion Game Shopper

N U R I A _ F. _ M E R I N O

Nuria F. Merino is a 20 year old Bass Guitarist from South London has said that she has been ‘too broke to do online shopping so my only reassurance has been mobile games’ and that she ‘hasn’t ordered anything since the first lockdown, because I know that mail and delivery companies are flooded with and I don’t want to put more work onto them.’

Cyberpunk’d: Clothes Nuria had purchased during the 1st Lockdown.

Ms. Merino continued as she later then mentioned that she ‘bought something online for Christmas for her friend but i felt a little bad tbh (to be honest)…poor mail workers. What makes it worse is that i think they’re still payed the same.’

And Secondly…

The Sheek but Street Shopper

A Z A R I Y A H _ M O H A M M E D

Azariyah Mohammed, is an 18 year old singer as well as a college music student from South London with dreams of going to university said that she has done ‘a lot of online shopping recently ngl (not going to lie), Covid has defiantly led me to go on an online shopping spree. Most days I find myself browsing through sites like PrettyLittleThing, Shien , or JustFab.’

Ms. Mohammed also added the fact that she’d ‘Recently bought a bunch of shoes and trousers from multiple different places just to give me something to look forward to, but i do purchase these items in hopes of wearing them all after lockdown is over and done with.’

And Thirdly…

The Comfort Mediator

R U K I Y A _ E L L I S

Rukiya Ellis is an Anime lover as well as University student from South London who’s training to becoming a nurse has a huge love for fashion and has also been buying clothes during the second lockdown, as she says that she ‘low-key feels like it has, it’s like because of this lockdown there’s nothing else to do.’

Dazzling in Style: Clothes Rukiya had purchased during lockdown.

Ms Ellis also mentioned how she feels as though ‘As a busy University student, it gives me something to look forward to after lockdown whether its me meeting friends, travelling, and family get togethers and many more, but most importantly if i have to go into university if lockdown restrictions were to be lifted in the coming months.’


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