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The right wing league proposed a chemical castration bill on sex offenders

The right wing league in the Italian government proposed a bill to castrate sex offenders with consent as a condition for parole  in order to prevent women from being sexually assaulted as numbers are rising. The bill aka ”Codice Rosso” is expected to come back to the chamber of deputies on Tuesday as it was suspended on Thursday when opposition MPs occupied the seats

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Cyclone causes catastrophic damage in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai has destroyed most of Mozambique, causing a great flood which has left many people homeless and helpless. A week ago a cyclone hit Mozambique and its people leaving destruction and chaos, while over 750 people have been pronounced dead from the cyclone and many more receiving treatment. The injuries are just one of the many concerns in the

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China condemns baby gene editing scientist

A statement issued by more than 120 Chinese scientist which condemn the creation of ‘worlds first gene-edited baby’. Chinese scientist He Jiankui claims to have created the world’s first edited genetically edited babies. Although it id reported that he had not been given approval from the parents of the babies. Gene editing is the manipulation of the genetic material of

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Trump menaces Turkey economically if they hit kurds

On Sunday 13th  January late in the evening president trump announced on tweeter that he would sanction turkey economically  if they hit Kurds Syrian military. United states and Syria relationship began during the end of the  second world war and at the beginning  of the cold war ,when Syria entered into the war  as allies of the united states. Starting the long

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Disabled people are suffering from discrimination

Almost 70% of disabled people have faced discrimination due to access issues. Disabled people are facing a huge discrimination against their access to public places such as cinema, shops, leisure centre or the local pub and the attitude of staff and other people affect them. Disabled people feel to be a disadvantage for the society because of the fact that

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Waterloo station is finally escaping the pigeon menace.

Waterloo station has got a new recruit, a hawk. One of  the busiest station in London has been fighting with pigeons and their mess, their reign has now come to an end. After several complaints from the passengers, Jason Murphy, the manager of Waterloo station, took positive action and decided to bring a hawk to scare off the pigeons. The five years old Harris hawk, called Aria,

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