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UK Election 2019 vote causes history for Labour

Labour leader – Jeremy Corbyn  has announced he will stand down as leader in the forthcoming next general election. Mr Corbyn, whose Labour party candidates suffered a mammoth of been beaten by the Tories. The results are now in from votes of the general election, whereas exits poll have concluded their intelligence, were confirmed correct; that the Tories will have

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Policy Guide: Housing

Parliament have decided to call a 2019 General Election, this article will express the Housing policy and Guide lines. Its up to the public’s vote to decide weather or not the parties policies are truthful. Conservatives The conservatives have promised to deliver the housing people need, they say that housing is one of the main fundamental conservative values and that

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Listeria in pre-packed salad and sandwiches is killing patients

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed NHS Trusts have reported cases of listeria are related to pre-packed sandwiches and salads, that were eaten by patients. Over eight hospitals within the NHS that have reported cases of listeria. Listeria is causing patients to their death bed due to sandwiches and pre-packed salad being contaminated. What is Listeria? Listeria is a bacteria, which causes

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Mental Health: Watchdog goes undercover in care homes following BBC Panorama footage.

Former care home workers have been convicted for neglecting ‘mental health’ patients after throwing away their medications’. Several former staff members were arrested based on footage following , BBC Panorama programme, the brutal footage showed members of staff abusing and taking advantage of patients. Following an alleged patient abuse, Whorlton Hill Cygnet Care home has been investigated. According to the

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Can ‘ultra-processed’ food really cause earlier death

Eating “ultra-processed” food might increase the chance of  an early death, according to the NHS. Researches that have been conducted by two universities in Spain and in France, have instructed that intense extremely processed food considerably will increase your risk of death. Furthermore, studies concerned with thousands of individuals that were funded by organisations  in their individual countries,  founded that participants died following years of intake extremely processed foods when compared with those who had a strict balanced

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Drive safe: or result in a collision

This morning an accident involving a few cars and a van took place in south-west London. The incident occurred just before 8.00 am in the busy area of south Westminster. Several vehicles were involved in the heavy collision, although no body suffered any fatal injuries. Road traffic investigators arrived on the scene and carried out there checks to determine what

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