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Hospitality after Brexit: UK has moral duty to act in favor of quality and European staff

Almost fifty-two percent of the votes in favor and more than a million difference with respect to the alternative of staying the twenty-third of June the British people determined by referendum to leave the European Union. Why do Britons want Brexit? Membership of the single market has played a key role in the whole process and in the face of

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Eat what you want day

The International Eat What You Want Day is an annual celebration on May 11th. It celebrates the acceptance of the human body and the diversity of its forms. The goal is to draw attention and remember the dangers of some exaggerated dietary regimes. Thomas and Ruth Roy from emerged to help people get a break from diets. This medication

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Cleaning up after the bank holiday

After having enjoyed the May bank holiday with sensational temperature in London (with an average that exceeded 23 degrees Celsius). After the bank holiday, throughout the United Kingdom, there have been many affected public sites such as parks and beaches. The population is not concerned about the environment and instead of depositing the waste used in the appropriate containers we can

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British Government seeks to protect children from social media

Today Jeremy Hunt published a letter in the “Sunday Times” addressing social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, explaining the impact on children which is not usually taken into account.  Hunt gave them a one-month deadline to report on what will be done to protect the children. Minister of Culture, Media and Sports Matthew Hancock, is considering tightening

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