Brexit fears rise as 60 Days to Go

Prime minister Theresa May is facing increasing pressure to negotiate Brexit terms.

As Brexit approaches, fears over Brexit have not been calmed due to the uncertainty of Theresa May’s direction.

Unlike Switzerland, the UK cannot negotiate enough trading deals before the deadline which is putting more strain on the PM.

With 2 months to go before we finally leave the European Union, many people are still unsure about what to do with Brexit.

The Prime Minister is currently facing up to a ‘Super Tuesday’ vote that could define or delay her Brexit.

MPs may need to work longer and lose their February half-term break if Brexit is to be delivered on time.

Ahead of tomorrow’s votes on her Brexit plans, Theresa May is under more pressure to win concessions from the EU over the Northern Irish backstop.


Amongst all of the amendments, Labour MP Yvette Cooper proposed a new bill to rule out the UK leaving without a formal deal.

This would allow parliament time to find a way through the deadlock and approve a deal with Brussels.

The bill to bring in the new law would require Theresa May to postpone Brexit day, 29 March until 31 December, if MPs do not approve her deal by 26 February.

The Prime Minister would do this by asking the EU to agree to extend the two-year limit on Article 50 – the mechanism paving the way for the UK to leave the EU.

However, if Yvette Cooper’s amendment was successful, and she then managed to get MPs to approve her bill, it would become law and so place an obligation on the government.

However with the EU elections due in May will make a longer extension almost impossible to agree with the other member states.

Burglars and Shoplifters Let off Lightly

In a report to The Daily Telegraph, Prison Minister Rory Stewart is ‘looking very carefully’ at imposing a new requirement for courts to scrap jail sentences that are under six months.


The new requirement would follow in the footsteps of Scotland, which already has a ban on sentences under six months – and are looking to extend it to 12 months.

Most burglars and shoplifters may elude jail time, and instead receive a community sentence.

Evidence points to lower re-offending rates after community sentencing compared to prison sentences. Rory Stewart stated that short prison sentences are ‘long enough to damage you and not long enough to heal you.

The new proposal is to ease the pressure on prisons, with 30,000 criminals a year being imprisoned for less than six months. Only those convicted of sex crimes or violence would be excluded from it.

This would free up 4000 prison spaces at any one time. In 2017, 65,000 offenders were jailed and just under half received sentences of 6 months or under.

The Prison Minister stated ‘the public are safer if we have a good community sentence rather than putting people in prison for short sentences and it will also relieve a lot of pressure on these prisons’.

‘You bring someone in for 3 or 4 weeks, they lose their house, they lose their job, they lose their family, they lose their reputation.’

This outlook promotes a striking shift in philosophy towards focusing on rehabilitation rather than just putting offenders in jail, which has doubled the prison population to more than 80,000 since the 90s.


The outcome  will have many benefits towards petty criminals, however it is also likely to provoke a backlash against ‘soft justice’ in the Conservative Party, which is traditionally seen as the ‘party of law and order’.

The new moves are due to be revealed later this year and will require a change in the law.





Jameela Jamil: ‘Photoshop Should be Illegal’

Actress Jameela Jamil, best known for her role in US TV series The Good Place, brands airbrushing as a ‘disgusting’ tool and ‘should be illegal’.

Living in the 21st century, we have been bombarded with social media and how we present ourselves through it.

With the easy access and use of airbrushing apps such as ‘Facetune’ and ‘Adobe Photoshop’, altering your look and removing your so-called ‘flaws’, has captured the globe.

To crack down, Jameela Jamil, a self professed ‘feminist-in-progress’, has warned those that photoshopping ‘does more harm than good’

In a series of tweets, she states: “Photoshop in advertising and magazines is so often used in ways that are ageist, ableist, fatphobic, racist and deeply sexist”


Jameela had been selected as one of BBC 100 women and through this she had expressed her true feelings towards the ‘fake’ and extremely unreal beauty standards being bestowed upon women.

She wrote: “If you see a digitally “enhanced” picture of yourself, you run the risk of becoming acclimatised to that level of flawlessness and it makes it harder for you to accept your actual image – the one that exists in real life, in the mirror.”

She’s also highlighted the mental health risk factors that come along with airbrushing.

As a means of social media she has started @i_weigh as a way of sharing and appreciating realistic body standards.

Questioning the legal and ethical issues of airbrushing, and promoting weight loss, she has managed to collate herself a 248k following on Instagram.

She blames the hypernormalisation of body image for the rise of botched plastic surgeries and body dysmorphia issues.

Jameela has also been reported to slam the Kardashians for their ‘toxic influence on young girls’

Apple Drops Brand New Emojis via IOS update

Apple has added more than 70 new emoji with the new ios12.1 update.

Redheads finally have their own set of emojis after the release of new characters.

More emotive smiley faces, new animals, food items and symbols have also been added to the keyboard.

Apple has answered the call to diversify characters by throwing in grey-haired, bald and curly locked emoji people.

There was a huge spark in petitions for ginger emojis after the apple IOS8.3 update in 2014 failed to include them.

Starting off with a mere set of 176 emojis, Apple’s set has now grown to a whopping 722 characters. Apple emojis were created as ideograms to represent anything and everything.

The Emojis were released in light of celebrating World Emoji Day,

From a llama to a traditional Chinese dessert called Moon cake, Apple has managed to tend to user’s emoji needs in abundance.


Several more iconic characters are joined by an evil eye symbol, a party face, and even superheroes.

Students from Lambeth College explained what their favourite emojis are.


The ‘Crying Laughing’ emoji has repeatedly been ranked as one of the most popular character amongst people, more so earning itself a place in Oxford’s Dictionary’s word of the year.

‘Emojipedia’ is an online emoji dictionary which clarifies the meaning of each and every single emoji across all official keyboards including Samsung, WhatsApp and Google Keyboards.

If you would like to know what an emoji means, you can visit emojipedia and find out using their search engine.