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Brits subject to holiday fraud

Over 5,000 Brits have been subject to holiday booking fraud with around 7 million pounds stolen by fraudsters. The Travel association ABTA has claimed that victims have lost an average of £1,380 each, after buying counterfeit tickets, accommodation and extra activities. Its understood that fraudsters are becoming alarmingly updated and the methods that they are using now are much more

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Man City top the premier league as Most valuable

Manchester City have overtaken rivals Manchester United as the most valuable club in the premier league. According to the new finance football study Manchester City are currently valued at £2.364bn, which is up £385m from last year, while United are valued £2.087bn, a drop of £376m which is blamed on “higher wages and lower profit”. The Manchester clubs are the

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Police make two arrest after images of Emiliano Sala’s body found online

Two people have been arrested following a photo of the deceased Emiliano Sala surfaced on the internet. A 48-year-old women from Corsham and a 62-year-old man from Calne have both been arrested after pictures of former footballer Emiliano Sala body was found online. The police say they were made aware that these images were circulating on social media on Wednesday,

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