School bans pencil cases to stop bullying

A Primary school in Blyth, Northumberland has banned pencil cases in an attempt to stop the stigma against poor families. The Head teacher of St Wilfrid’s, Pauline Johnstone, has said herself that the reason for the ban is “so there’s no comparison on the tables and children are learning”. Having worked with charity Children North East, the school started providing stationery  for students as well as cutting down on … Continue reading School bans pencil cases to stop bullying

Who was on board Windrush?

Empire Windrush anchored at Tilbury Docks, carrying hundreds of passengers from the Caribbean (there were also Polish soldiers, people from Britain and members of the RAF) in search of a new life, to Essex, on 21st June 1948. Many came to the UK after hearing about the greater job opportunities, after the UK’s post-war labour shortage. 1,027 passengers, including two stowaways, were released a day after … Continue reading Who was on board Windrush?

Windrush generation entitled to free citizenship

Following the recent Windrush scandal, those who arrived in the UK before 1973, are now entitled to free citizenship. This includes members of the Windrush generation with no current documentation,  leave to remain and those who want to advance their status as well as the children of the Windrush generation. The offer will be available to people from all Commonwealth countries not just Caribbean nations. … Continue reading Windrush generation entitled to free citizenship

Windrush Scandal

During the 1930s Empire Windrush, originally known as MV Monte Rosa, was a passenger liner and cruise ship launched in Germany. Now the Windrush generation, have been declared immigrants. Even those who have been living in London for 50 years are being denied NHS treatment, have lost their jobs and are being threatened with deportation due to their lack of documentation. However, according to a … Continue reading Windrush Scandal

Commonwealth Summit

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will take place on the 19 and 20th April. A meeting, that takes place every other year, during which the heads of governments from all Commonwealth nations (former British Colonies or dependencies of those colonies). The meeting is held in a different member state every two years. The Common wealth leaders will meet at Windsor Castle for the Leaders’ Retreat … Continue reading Commonwealth Summit

Ireland to expel Russian diplomat

While Ireland is not among the 14 EU states that decided to expel 32 Russian diplomats, the Government has announced that they will be expelling one Russian diplomat. Yesterday both the EU and US announced that they would expel 80 Russian diplomats from both jurisdictions, 12 Russian officials will  be deported from the United Nations headquarters in New York. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon … Continue reading Ireland to expel Russian diplomat

Police granted more money to continue Madeleine McCann search

Madeleine McCann went missing in May 2007, now almost 11 years later police have been granted more money to continue their ongoing investigation into her disappearance. Parents Kate and Gerry McCann, appealed for the search to continue for their daughter who was just 3 when she vanished from their holiday apartment in  Praia da Luz, Portugal. Government funding of £154,000 has been granted from October … Continue reading Police granted more money to continue Madeleine McCann search