Tory win leaves majority of London voters worried

Boris confirms that the UK will be leaving the EU by January 31st 2020 after a landslide 80 seat majority.

The Conservatives snagging a win once more has caused a lot of heartache across the country; especially for the younger generation who for most, has been the first time they were ever able to vote.

The Conservatives won with a majority, with their wins in 326 constituencies. Spreading a cloud of worry upon those who are already struggling in life. Many worry that the resuming of a Tory run government, will cause utter destruction to an already crumbling economy.

Yesterday was marked in history as the turn out of young people turning up to vote was astonishing. Young people were given a voice and they didn’t and won’t hesitate to use it.

Students lined up in miserable weather to vote, in hopes of a better and brighter future.


We got some opinions from younger people and mothers, who are worried about the outcome of yesterdays votes.

The students at Lambeth college don’t sound very hopeful for the future, describing the results as ” A horrible choice” the students were very adamant that Boris would put an end to the NHS, and that leaves many unsettled, uneasy and worried.

All we can do is stand united and continue to fight for a better future, a greener and reliable future with a stronger economy for us and the generation to come.


Policy Guide: Environment

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We constantly hear that we need to save planet earth, and that our home is under threat due to our destructive way of life; but we can only do so much. We need our government to be on the same page.

So what solutions do our political parties have for these issues?

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats: leader Jo Swinson

Lib Dems-  The lib Dems have made big promises in terms of our environment and climate change. A major one is that they plan on reducing net greenhouse gas to zero by the 2045. Tackle the climate emergency by generating 80% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and insulating all low-income homes by 2025.

If climate change doesn’t interest you, than maybe the promise of a lower energy bill will peak your interest. The Lib Dems plan on implementing an emergency ten-year programme in which they will reduce energy consumption from all buildings; therefore cutting emissions and energy bills and ending fuel poverty.

They will be investing over £6 billion a year on home insulation and zero-carbon heating by the fifth year of the Parliament. This will mostly be in the benefit of low income homes, which have suffered with the cold more than others, due to homes with poor insulation. 


Green party leaders: Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley.

Greens- The green party have promised to have new green homes, green transport and have even gone as far as making promises of new green jobs. They say that it will get us on track to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030, also providing new opportunities for everyone; equaling in happier more secure lives. This will be a combined investment of more than £100 billion a year in their Green New Deal.

The greens plan on replacing fossil fuels with more reliable, renewable fuels. They also plan on implementing heating upgrades in a million homes a year.

Their goal is to plant 700 million trees and supporting the healthy and sustainable food system, which will ultimately be beneficial for all of us

The greens would also like to tackle our major poverty problem by creating a universal basic income, which will be paid to all UK residents in order to give everyone some financial security.


Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn

LabourLabour has made promises to review and improve protected area designations, from National Parks to local nature reserves and urban green spaces, in their manifesto.

They have said that they want to have cut at least half of our global emissions by 2030, and reduce the UKs carbon emission to zero by 2030, in hopes of achieving a net-zero economy.

They will introduce a Climate and Environment Emergency Bill setting out in law robust, binding new standards for decarbonization, nature recovery, environmental quality and habitats and species protection. They will aim to maintain and continuously improve the existing EU standards of environmental regulation.

Conservative Party

Boris Johnson addresses the final Conservative Party leadership election hustings in London on 17 July 2019.
Conservative leader/PM: Boris Johnson

Conservatives- The conservatives have made promises of making Britain carbon free by 2050, to invest in clean energy solutions and green infrastructures, in order to reduce carbon emissions and have a pollution free environment. 

Brexit Party

Brexit party leader: Nigel Farage

Brexit Party The Brexit Party have made no promises in relation to the environment or the green changes that we need to make.

Top 4 worlds strangest museums

Right here we have some of the worlds weirdest museums, ranging from penis museums to objects from the paranormal and the occult.


Hið íslenzka reðasafn ( Icelandic phallolgical museum).

The phallogical museum in Reykjavik Iceland is ranked the worlds strangest museum. Strangely enough the whole theme of it is surrounded around the full male genitalia and penile parts, from all types of species. Having a huge collection of 280 specimens from 93 species of animals includes 55 penises taken from whales, 36 from seals and 118 from land mammals, some highly erect and some not so happy.


Dehlis toilet museum
Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets.

The Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, in Dehli India. It’s known for having the most toilets in the world, it’s collection ranging from different time frames and different countries from around the world. The museum is dedicated to the global history of sanitation and creator and owner of this museum hopes that his work will help India’s defecation laws ( pooping on the street.) to an end, and make sure the Indian government make it possible that every Indian household has at least one toilet.


hair museum
Chez Galip Hair Museum

The Chez Galip Hair Museum in Avanos/Nevşehir, Turkey is known for its weird hair collection. The museum has a range of thousands of  various hair strands only from women. Female visitors tend to leave strands of hair; so that they can be displayed. once or twice a year, the locks that the owner has chosen will be contacted by the museum owner. The previous owners of the hair gets a message inviting them back for a stay in the connected guest house, and gets rewarded with workshops from the potter.

𝟜.  Number 4 on our list is the only travelling paranormal Museum that exists.

traveling musem of the paranormal and accult
Travel Museum of the paranormal and occult.

The travel museum of the paranormal and occult is the only known paranormal travel museum in the world. It contains objects that have been speculated to have been and still are haunted. Such as the Dark mirror, the corrupted testament and the black hen planchette. Just to name a few. The museum is highly talked about and appreciated by anyone and everyone that goes to visit.

paranormal 5 star

Which strange museum would you visit?

The death of a Hollywood icon

97-year-old Hollywood Icon, Doris Day died  in her home in Carmel Valley(California) yesterday morning; due to a health downturn.

Doris days home
Doris day’s home in Carmel Valley

Up until recently Doris Day had been in good health. The Doris day animal foundation recently commented on Doris’s health.

“Day had been in excellent physical health for her age, until recently contracting a serious case of pneumonia, resulting in her death.

“She was surrounded by a few close friends as she passed.”

Doris’s death has saddened many people but it’s good to know she was surrounded by the people she loved in her time of passing.

Doris had just celebrated her 97th birthday on April 3rd with her closest friends. Close to 300 fans gathered in Carmel Valley in celebration for her birthday last month.

The Hollywood actress told reporters that she had spent her birthday with ” Dear old friends” in the town.

Doris was known to have a small group of companions who she would have regular quiet dinners with, which was said that she enjoyed.

BeFunky-collage (31)
Doris Day

Doris had been an active actress and singer for around 50 years, enjoying her time on the screen. She stared in many great films like Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk and a 1956 major film hit ”Que sera,sera” rising to fame in a rapid rate.

She was also very well known for her song sentimental Journey which held #1 position on Billboard for over two months in 1945.

Although Doris had four failed marriages, the third one was one of the worst out of all four. Forcing day to drop out of Hollywood, after her third husband took her $20million fortune, not forgetting to leave her in an unforgiving $500,000 debt.

The death of her only child, Terry Melcher in 2005, was another tragedy that Doris had to face. Despite that she tried to live her life to the fullest and enjoyed it the best she could; after everything she had to face.

Even though Doris day has now passed, we can’t deny that she marked her place in history, securing her stone in the Hollywood walk of fame for eternity.



Capital summertime ball line-up 2019

Capital have nailed it with this year’s line-up, reaching out to newer, younger stars, who have set camp to the top of the musical charts.

First we’ll talk about the fresh meat on Capitals line-up this year, we’ve got some new faces, but many of us would definitely stand up, in general admission to hear them sing.

These artists aren’t in any specific order or in the order they will be going up at in the Capital summertime ball.

All the tickets for the summer time ball have been sold out and it’s clear why.

First up we have Lauv!

BeFunky-collage (12)
If you didn’t know Lauv back when he was singing, paris in the rain or I like me better, you know the American,24 year old singer now, because of his hit song. I’m so tired of love songs with Australian singer Troye Sivan.

Ava Max

BeFunky-collage (13)
25yr old singer, Ava max will also be performing at the summertime ball this year as well, she is well known for her song sweet but psycho and her song misfit. Ava is a new artist in the music scene but has marked her spot in the charts.

Jonas Brothers

BeFunky-collage (15)
This will the first time the Jonas brothers have appeared on stage together at the summertime ball. It’s a great way for them to get back on stage after going incognito for quiet a long time. We are sure that they will rock the stage with their debut single, sucker.


BeFunky-collage (16)
American singer will also grace the stage at the festival and we can’t wait to see what spectacular performances the 24yr has planned out. She is sure to keep the guests singing from start to finish, with her number one song without me .


BeFunky-collage (17)
Khalid will make his Summertime Ball debut with his new album Spirit. including his big hits ‘Talk’, ‘Eastside’, ‘Young, Dumb & Broke’. The 80.000 guests at the wembley arena will have no complaints when Khalid hits the stage.

Tom Walker

BeFunky-collage (19)
Tom walker had one of the biggest tracks last year, with his popular song, Leave a light on. This year he’ll be belting out his melodies on the wembley stage,


BeFunky-collage (28)
New singer SIgrid (22yrs old) will also take on the stage at wembley arena this year for the very first time, and by the looks of it Capital couldn’t be more excited.

Next up we’ve got the summertime ball regulars who frequent the line-up. Although they are always there, we can’t deny they always come up with something spectacular.

Ellie Goulding

BeFunky-collage (18)

Rita Ora 

BeFunky-collage (20)


BeFunky-collage (21)

Anne Marie

BeFunky-collage (22)


BeFunky-collage (23)

Jonas Blue

BeFunky-collage (24)

Jax Jones

BeFunky-collage (25)

Jess Glynne

BeFunky-collage (26)

Calvin Harris

BeFunky-collage (27)

With this years line-up it looks like the 2019 Capital summertime ball will be a festival to remember. We are curious to know who they’ll bring in as surprise guest this year. Do you have any idea?

6 simple steps for ultimate summer make-up

Everyone likes to have a quick make-up routine during summer, with as little steps as possible.

I’ll be giving you a step by step, fresh summer make up look for those who want to look sexy, with minimal effort leaving you more time to enjoy your bright summer days.


Arayara demo Regular

clense and tone

First step you must cleanse and tone the skin, with any kind of cleanser and toner that suits your skin. First off take two cotton pads and apply the censer on them, applying and massaging it into the face using circular motions, once you’re done with the cleanser and the gotten pads come out clean its time to use the toner. wipe the excess cleanser off of your face. You can then apply the toner on your face with the tips of your fingers.




Arayara demo Regular

sunscreenNext step is to moisturise the skin, usually you’d use a face cream but for the summer it’s much better to use an SPF to protect the skin, from the sun, which prevents, wrinkles, freckles,splotches of hyper pigmentation on the skin and rapid ageing of the skin. Use your fingers to apply your SPF all over your skin, paying more attention if you have dry spots on your skin.







                                   Arayara demo Regular                                                                                                                          

cc cream

(This step is optional) Apply your cc cream using a brush or a beauty blender, the choice is yours. a brush is preferred as it helps the application of cc cream have an even layer, extending down to the neck and ears with soft brush strokes. Once you’ve finished applying the foundation and are happy with how it look, apply the concealer with a light hand where you may have dark circles and uneven skin tones, in this step you should use a beauty blender, blending out the concealer in a patting motion, until it looks smooth. ( If you’ve got oily or combination skin you may use a setting powder if necessary, but it isn’t needed if you’ve got dry skin.)


Arayara demo Regular

blush and bronzer and highlightFor your fourth step, choose a blush of your choosing and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, with a brush a brush, its better to layer the colour gradually so you don’t overpower the look. After the blush use a bronzer of your choice ( preferably a shimmering bronzer during the summer.) and apply it to the points of your face that you may want a little more definition, like the cheekbones, top of the forehead near the hairline, nose and jaw. we will be using the bronzer as replacement for contouring. This next step is optional, but its an great step. Use a highlighter to highlight the points of your face that you want to attract the light.


Arayara demo Regular


If you would like to elevate your eye, you can use a shimmery eye shadow or a brown matt nude shadow over the eye, with a fluffy brush making sure to blend everything so that it looks smooth. Once you’re down with the eye shadow apply mascara to the lashes and that’s the eyes done.





Arayara demo Regular

tinted lip gloss

For the last step of this quick and easy make up routine, you can finish off your look with a tinted lip gloss with a light rosy colour or any colour of your choice, to brighten up your lips and bring them to life, this step completes the look and makes it look beautiful and fresh.








This step by step simple summer make-up look is foolproof and guaranteed to be anyone’s summer day or night go to look. 

Pedestrian Hit by Police Van in Streatham

Iceland workers have said that an unknown 26yr old woman has been run over at approximately 12pm this afternoon.

The woman was allegedly hit by a police vehicle.

Police officers have confirmed that it will take a while to get the buses and Streatham back to its busy ways.

Police have said ” it will take several hours for the investigation to be done.”

Shops have been closed and people have been forced to take back ways, to try to make it to their destinations, which many haven’t been able to do.

Streatham has been put to a pause causing many people to have to walk from streatham hill onwards.

Teens choose thrift stores over outlets

Teens prefer to shop and thrift stores instead of outlets, when keeping up with trends.


In recent years thrifting has no longer been kept as a dirty secret and the stigma attached to buying old clothes is slowly disappearing.

It’s become ‘trendy’ to go thrifting with friends or on your own, trying to find hidden gems in someone else’s trash.

Thrifters have explained that ‘ Thrifting is a cheaper way to keep up with trends, without spending hundreds every time something new hits the shelves.” – unknown thrifter at OXFAM.

Millennials are changing the negative stigma of thrifting into a positive one, making sure to point out that there’s always a few hidden gems, even designer items for not  even a fraction of the items original price.

According to Thredups fashion resale report, millennials are the generations that thrifts the most but are the generation that also waste the most clothes.

Even though millennials throw away the most clothes they are the generation with the most eco-conscious habits.

77% of millennials prefer to buy from eco friendly brands when purchasing items, and are more likely to switch to thrifting if it involves saving the environment

Millennials tend to impulse bye and therefore only wearing a clothing item once to maybe up to five times.

They have found a way to lessen their waste with clothes, and even save themselves some money while at it.

Thredup had found out that if you thrifted for a whole year then you’d approximately save yourself around £2,420.



Vogue editor Emily Fara believes  “fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world, surpassed only by petroleum.”

Thredup did farther investigation and they came to a conclusion that a piece of clothings life extends to a further  2.2 years if it’s thrifted which amazingly reduces its carbon print by 73 percent if sold second hand.

So if next time a new trend appears in fashion thing twice and go to a thrift store to purchase it instead. Be eco friendly and save yourself a couple of pounds while you’re at it.

BBMA Highlights

There were many highlights in this years BBMAs, including BBMA records being broken and K-pop making history.

The highlight of this years BBMAs was definitely Drake breaking BBMA records and becoming the first Artist to bring their career billboard to 27 BBMA awards.

Surpassing Taylor swift who held the old record of 24 billboard awards.

Drake gave his mum a heartwarming thank you during his speech, but Drake couldn’t refrain himself from showing his Game of thrones nerdy side dedicating a part of his speech to mention Arya Stark’s performance in last weeks episode,”Shout out to Arya Stark for putting in that work last week,”.

2019 Billboard Music Awards - Press Room

Next up to break BBMA history were the worlds biggest male K-pop(Korean- pop)

group, BTS, they broke BBMA history by being the first K-pop group to win an award. BTS are the new hot topic, everyone wants to preform with them or make a song with them and their award was very well deserved.


BTS have fans from all over the word but one fan in particular wanted to express how proud she felt that they had won an BBMA award.

Despite the amazing performances and the many awards worn at the BBMAs we can’t forget about the best looks served on the carpet.

Becky G

Becky G brought us hollywood glam with her glittery silver dress, taking all our breaths away.



Priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas

Piryanka and Nick were the best dressed couple at the BBMAs, Piryanka in a beautful white Zuhair Murad dress, whilst Nick contrasted her dress with a daring navy tartan pattern.


Maluma came with his Latin flare as he dressed to impress in his edgy Dsqaured2 fit.

sophie bbma
Sophie Turner

The newly wed Sophie turner rocked the red carpet , stunning us with her Louis Vuitton outfit.

Taylor Swift

Tori Kelly

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas brothers all complimented each other with their unique suits, stepping out of the boring suit cycle and opting for something more eye catching in their designer Missoni suits.

In conclusion the BBMAs were full of surprises and amazing highlights, breaking records and history, making it the best BBMAs in his