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Phone access problem and how it could affect the crime rate in UK?

The metropolitan police has recently introduced a new consent form, for rape victims, that would enable police to scavenge through personal data of the victims in search of vital evidence. For some it’s just a privacy breach. We’re aware that victims of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence & other crimes are currently directly affected by disproportionate police/CPS requests for phones

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Facebook privacy issues resurface once again

Privacy concerns surrounding Facebook once again as they have been stored incorrectly within the data systems. Facebook revealed on their Newsroom page that “some” users’ passwords were stored incorrectly within their internal data storage systems. The way that they were stored made them readable to the employees posing a security threat to ‘hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens

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Police action against child sexual exploitation

This week plain-clothes policemen are visiting London’s hotels with young people (volunteer cadets) as companions to book a hotel room in circumstances that should rise an alarm and end up by hotel staff calling the police. Similar operation has been conducted last October and since that time level of awareness in UK capital city remains high. However, in the last

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