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Jeremy Corbyn Ends Brexit Talks with Theresa May with No DEAL

Cross-party talks have ended without a deal confirm Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn has today confirmed he will end talks with Theresa May as cross-party talks reach no deal. He also said discussions have ” gone as far as they can ” and the government is  “increasing in weakness and instability”. Theresa May has said that the lack of a “common

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Inequality threatens to destroy Political system in the UK

A report published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has declared that the steady increase in Inequality has and will continue to threaten the British Society. Nobel Prize Winner and Princeton Professor Angus Deaton has claimed that the constantly widening gap of inequality threatens and will destroy democracy in the UK. He believes that the gap is “making a mockery of

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Billionaires ready to leave if Corbyn becomes PM

Billionaires are preparing to leave the country if the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minster in the latest report. This follows the latest report which according to the Sunday times revealed the numbers of billionaires in the country and where they rank on the list. The report suggest that the wealthiest individuals are preparing to leave if Jeremy Corbyn

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local elections Liberal Democrats made gain while the main party have lost seats

Liberal Democrats have made gains while the main parties like conservative  and labour party have both lost local seats this local election where  many voters turned their  backs on both parties. During this local election, many voters have been angry about the proceedings of Brexit.  The conservative party  had the worst night as they lost more then 400 seats that

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Anti-social behaviour a nightmare which has been ignored a new report suggests

A  new report which has been published has suggested a lot of victims have been ignored. According to Police chiefs and the Local Government Association  “they are taking  anti-social behaviour seriously” they have also said “resources were under strain and they needed more funding to tackle the problem effectively”. Anti -social behaviour have been on the rise since 2010 many suggesting

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Social mobility in the UK: the government has been told to sort the issue

The government minsters could set out a new format to track social mobility after Social Mobility Commission has advised the government to address this issue that is affecting millions of people with poorer background. This report comes after Theresa May said when she became prime minster she will sort the issue which she has failed to make . Its been

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